Licked Pressed G-String

I can’t say that I was exactly pleased when my friend Mr. Bill suggested these three words.   Not that I am totally opposed to a bit of occasional naughtiness in these posts.   Yet as a phrase these three words are rather graphic.    Indeed my first thought was that I might not be able to find a safe for work, non-pornographic image.     And indeed the first several pages of image results for these words were porn.   But I came across this 1949 painting of Abraham Lincoln wrestling with Jack Armstrong.    Although truth be told,  if the image were cropped to eliminate the spectators,  it could be the first illustration in a gay porn story about wrestlers.    Sometimes,  it seems to me,  the best porn consists of written stories,  where you only see the dirty action in your own imagination.   Video is great but it is also quite limiting.

I remember when I was a small child,  my grandmother taught me to iron handkerchiefs.    It was so simple really,  ironing the square good and flat and then pressing it again each time you folded it,  until it was a small square ready to go in a pocket.    That I grew up to be the sort of person who never ever irons his clothes is perhaps an irony my dear Gran  (who was from Germany and worked for many years as a cleaning lady) probably would not appreciate.    Although to be fair,  she more raised me to be the sort of person who had a great cleaning lady to take care of his clothes.     My huzband gets this,  even if some of my readers will not.

I suppose I should now write this third paragraph as a paean to licking ice cream or some such non-sense.    Though I have to confess that given the g-string I’ve been given,  my thoughts this morning about the word licked definitely tend towards the adult rather than innocuous sweets.   Part of me thinks it’s a bit unfair to have accepted the words and not really written about them.    And yet I am quite certain that I don’t want to write anything on this blog about my pornographic thoughts about licking guys who wrestle under their g-strings.   So I suppose this is about the best I can do.


14 comments on “Licked Pressed G-String

  1. You covered a lot of ground with this one, circling around the XXX rated which seems to keep coming to the fore, and successfully fought back. To the neatly ironed emotions of a youth, pressing toward adulthood. Well concocted.

  2. My guess is that most of us have become somewhat lazier over the years compared to the time that we used to take over things. I used to iron handkerchiefs. Now I just fold them neatly after they’ve been through the washing machine and dryer. The old way was probably a bit obsessive anyway for something that is quickly going to be unfolded and used.

    • Honestly, Mark, at some point I discovered Kleenex, and find I like being able to just throw them away. OTOH, that may be in a nutshell what has gone so terribly wrong with humanity 🙂

  3. You’re being too hard on yourself, Libdrone. You managed to use all of the words in a creative way (or is that side-ways). Anyway, those wrestlers did lick each other at wrestling, while wearing their G-strings which no doubt pressed them in a way which gave themselves wedgies while wrestling!

    • Well….if I’m not hard on myself, I have to wonder who will be 🙂 And thanks so much for pointing out another usage of lick, which can also be used to indicated “won lopsidedly” as in a football game or a fight.

    • Laura, I have come to believe that those of us who choose to play in the blogosphere will some days find that WordPress is messing with us, if not by censoring our comments then by some other bit of high tech malfeasance. Shhh— don’t tell but the projects I am working on under a nom du porn…..are porn 🙂

  4. Even though I sense political correctness in the air at today’s group meeting, I pressed on with my opinion how men would prefer their sexual partners to wear G-strings to bed instead of pajamas. As expected, I got licked 😀

    • wearing fancy undergarments is often a good way to get one’s genitals licked….if you and your lover go for that sort of thing. (grinning, ducking and running)

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