Mr. Everything

Mr. Everything is a  fictitious characters which really exists only in the author’s imagination.   Any resemblance to actual social media rock stars  err Facebook friends is purely coincidental.   I regret that I am not actually as original as dear friend Holly1.     It is possible,  if one reads this blog consistently to put two and two together and at the very least speculate about who Mr. Everything is modeled after.   And yet I have well more than six friends,  any of whom could have been the models for this character.   So I hope that you will accept that this is simply a fictitious character and not spend time, commentary or energy trying to figure out who he really is.  (He only Really exist in my imagination.)

Mr. Everything  is  the star player in that very popular boffo smash production Social Media Rock Star World, which also exists only in the author’s imagination.    The author wishes to stress that any resemblance to his actual Facebook friends is purely coincidental.

1.  If I had Holly’s wonderful imagination I would have called them something like Prunebutt and Mufflelips.

6 comments on “Mr. Everything

    • Indeed, Gaye. I am honestly a bit nervous that I am now sharing my blog’s comments sections with Prunebutt– who drops in to say something errr ummm pithy from time to time 🙂

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