My name is Alan Jobe.

I’m a reader, a writer, a publisher  and a book reviewer.  For more than four years and more than 500 posts I have been reviewing books at my site Libdrone Book Reviews. When I first started the book review site it was a combination of personal diary and book reviews. Fairly early on, I took some good advice and migrated the personal diary entries to this personal blog and focused the book review site on the book reviews.   I try to update this blog with new original articles every Monday and Thursday.   Other days I sometimes re-blog great content from some of my blog friends.

Many of the posts on this site are “stream of consciousness”, “from my heart through my fingers to your screen”.    While I generally try to avoid using real names,  particularly when I write about emotional things,  this site is primarily intended as my personal safe space to write about my feelings and explore ideas that my mind puzzles over.     I welcome your comments,  and hope to have a conversation.    I approve most comments,  but if you only say two trite words (“nice post” or the equivalent),  Askimet rather than me probably has marked you as a spammer  🙂

While I know enough about blogging to understand posts will look better and be more readable if there is a picture,  I am SO not a photographer.    As one friend commented about my first (and as it turned out only) uploads to Flickr  “yep,  those are trees alright”.     So while I  am aware of copyright and try hard not to infringe,   and I also try to link every picture published on this site to the place I downloaded it from,  I know that mistakes can happen.    If you find I’ve used your image and you’re not cool with it just leave a comment and provide me with the exact URL of the image I shouldn’t have used.   I will take it down right away.

My late father’s motto was illegitimi non carborundum.   That’s Latin for  don’t let the bastards grind you down.       It is my blog motto which I dedicate to all who have been affected by bullying.

All written post content ©2007–2013  Alan L Jobe    All rights reserved.


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