Coffee and Chicory

One of the thing’s I’ve missed most since moving away from New Orleans is the food.   Louisiana cooking really is a huge gift and I can’t count the times I’ve longed for an oyster po’ boy,  a bowl of gubo or a big plate of crayfish etoufee.   One tiny element of the food I grew up with that I get to continue today is coffee and chicory.    Ron found that he can order the Community Coffee & Chicory from New Orleans via Amazon and we both love drinking it every day.   (We signed up for an  auto-order plan– they send it automatically every three months– and save 10%.    It’s particularly nice on a Sunday morning to sit and drink a cup of real New Orleans coffee.

The chicory part is odd, I know.   On its own I don’t care for chicory at all,  but during the war when they had to conserve coffee,  New Orleanians began blending chicory into the ground coffee to stretch it.   And in New Orleans the flavor caught on and New Orleanians drink their coffee with chicory  to this day.    It got me to thinking about relationships, oddly.     I have friends whom I love dearly that have a definite bitter-ish edge.   It doesn’t make me love them any less.   But I sometimes don’t know how to deal with it.    And that frustrates me, sometimes.   Sometimes people are implacable.   It often seems to bring out in me a need to placate them.    I suspect it is true we often create our own obstacles.


well I survived my Sunday 5 hour shift at Fakewood it was NOT easy. I did feel nervous a lot of the time but fortunately I did not hyperventilate as I had on Friday. I did keep once again detailed records of Exactly what I accomplished during the 5 hours I was paid for:

12:10 pm. arrived and found the outside book bins are overflowing

12:15–1pm checked in 121 items after emptying one very full book bin onto the desk

1–1:15pm put away checked in materials on workroom holding shelves. filled out two A/V problem slips (cd and dvd containers returned empty of their discs) checked in and put newspapers out for patrons to read and checked in a meeting room key from the book drop

1:15–1:50pm shelved 2 cart shelves Non Fiction plus a handful of paperbacks and magazines

1:50–2:05 Break

2:05–2:20 put into shelving order a three cart shelf cart of large non fiction Art books

2:20–2:55 sheved 3 cart shelves of heavy art books

2:55–3:05 helped outgoing page get her checked in materials cleared from the check in area

3:05–4pm checked in 127 items and had all put away and check in desk cleared at exactly 4pm

4–4:20pm made pick up rounds of assigned areas

4:20–4:55 shelved 3 cart shelves of Non-Fiction DVD’s

4:55–5:15 performed closing duties. made sure all patrons exited the building. made sure the meeting room was fully secured. locked the outside door shortly after 5 pm. changed the Open sign to Closed. Made sure all restrooms cleared of patrons. Locked inside door.

I get tired just thinking about having to go back and do it all again tomorrow. Meanwhile, I am enjoying being able to get online and write and send on my old Toshiba lappy. Not sure when I will have the money to replace the power cord on the new Compaq lappy. AND I have picked up a small free lance writing gig. 5 articles, 450–500 words each, $25 cash by paypal. It aint gonna pay my bills but I suppose it is a start. Hope everyone’s weekend went well and I will keep you posted.


night. I am determined to make this the week that I get back into blogging every day, on both blogs. It is Banned Books Week, which at least gives me a ready made theme for the books blog and I Have ordered from the library all of the ten most frequently challenged books of 2007 that I have not already read many times over. Planning to post about two each day for the Monday–Friday week. The first post is done and set up to go live at one minute past midnight (eastern time zone). Just have to see if I can keep it up.

Sam is still here until the seventh of October but Staci and Kathi drove back to Boise on Friday. She has invited us to come over there for Thanksgiving, but who knows if we will be able to go. I will hopefully be back tomorrow.


evening. just one more Long day of work and then my three day weekend. The meeting was endless and very dull, then Saturday was a ‘lost’ day. Slept late, went to bed early and didn’t Do much of Anything. Today work was Really bizzy, though now that we have three pages on Sunday we Can handle it, which is good. Came home and Sam announced he is taking us to Chinese Buffet for dinner tonight. Mmmm, mmm, good.

Alan (is Hungry)


was hellishly busy, per usual. The only Good thing about Sunday is that it is only a five hour shift and we are only Open for four hours so at least it goes by pretty quick. And now that we have three pages working on Sundays we can actually keep up with the returns and shelving instead of getting the work room all backed up. So I am home and relaxing while Rick has driven Ron and Sam to the outlet to buy “snacks and stuff”. I’m amazed to still be at number one in Books with a score over a thousand, though I see my Sunday readers/droppers are down per usual. It is nice to be number one though.

The boys are back and it’s time to see about something for dinner.

Alan (has just One more shift to work until his three day weekend)

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