Don’t Let The Perfect Become The Enemy

Sometimes, it seems to me, trying too hard can really backfire on you.   My old acquaintance Timethief recently published an article about getting organized.    And of course it is true that organization can be very useful in pursuing one’s goals.   But I think it’s important to remember that a perfectly formatted calendar is not nearly as important as actually doing what you are set out to do.

Sometimes I think I have a tendency to focus too much on the planning and the organizing,  to the detriment of the actual execution.   I know that I have to find a balance between planning and execution that works for me.   I also firmly believe an old saying  “don’t let the perfect become the enemy of the  good“.    Having a typo somewhere in your otherwise excellent blog post is in fact a lot better than never posting it in the first place.

Some of the folks I’ve met online talk a lot about “claiming your name”  and try to sign up on every new site that comes along.   I don’t think that’s very realistic.   New social networks pop up more or less every day, and honestly I don’t believe any one human being could really participate on them all.   I think that one of the most important things one must do is to pick and choose.  Whom we wish to spend our time with,  What tools will keep us best organized, Which web sites we will spend time visiting.

So,  don’t let the perfect become the enemy of the good,  and do take care in choosing where, how and with whom to spend your time.    Happy New Year, my friends.   Here’s wishing a safe and prosperous 2012 to you and yours.

My Umpteenth Fresh Start

The longer I continue blogging,  the more and more I come to respect my old friend Bev,  who has been publishing a daily online journal for more than ten years now.   Funny The World  is an amazing site, and I can’t even begin to say how impressed I am that Bev has kept it up literally EVERY day for all of these years.

My new years resolutions are 1) to continue working on getting healthier  2) to write my advanced Empire Avenue book and 3) to try to keep up this journal every day.    Honestly,  I know that I am never going to take many photographs and will probably use free images like the one above.   But I really am going to try to post to this personal blog every day,  and share just a bit of my life and thoughts here.     I know I still need to do a bit of tinkering with the theme  (it may be Tumblr’s influence but I find I actually like the sidebarless very spare theme WordPress defaulted to.    And I am thrilled that I can go ahead and post,  before I fix the theme,  upload images or buy a domain.  WordPress rules!

By my count this is the sixth or seventh time I’ve posted a renewed commitment to regularly updating this blog.   I certainly can’t guarantee that I won’t again lose interest and drift away from it for long stretches.   But the new year seems a good time to try to begin a new habit.   And I half suspect if I get into the habit of writing here every day,  sooner or later the habit part will take over,   Or maybe it’s like quitting smoking and you have to try and try and try again before you quite manage it.    Here’s to new year’s resolutions.

dueling blogs?

I knew going in that I would not be blogging much during September, though I am a bit surprised (appalled even) at just how hard it has been to get back into the swing of all things blog. The good news is that I have re-arranged my layout over on the books blog and am now (finally) displaying the CMF ad box correctly and am now serving only two rather than four Project Wonderful spots. The three column layout looks good to me, and I hope it will to my visitors as well.

I am way down to number eight or nine in the Books category on Entrecard at the moment, but I did manage to drop my three hundred cards today and have received more drops so far today than on any day in the past week. Will have to try to do the full 300 again tomorrow and hope that some of my ads produce so that I can move back up in the rankings. Meanwhile, however, I am getting some decent traffic from search engines and other non-EC sources. I notice that I’ve recently passed 50,000 unique visitors and 100,000 page views.

And then I peek over here and realize I have been competely neglecting This blog. (sighs). I was sick and did not work Fri-Sat-Sun. Went to the clinic and the chest x-ray showed fluid in my lungs and my white cell count was way high. They put me on an anti-biotic and gave me an albuterol inhaler. (Oh man, does that damn thing taste gross. ICK!). By Monday I felt somewhat better and dragged myself into work. It was a fairly nice and easy shift since my boss was not working that day.

I was Really bad and I stayed up all night getting all 5 of this weeks book posts published, or more accurately pre-published– The Thin Red Line will have a new post go live at one minute past midnight Eastern Time on Wed-Thu-Fri and this will be the first time I’ve done five posts in a week in Ages. I also dropped my cards overnight. Now I’m thinking what I _really_ need to do is to put the lappy down and work on reading/planning for next week’s posts, as well as the three missing Banned Books Week posts I have Promised myself I will back fill.

Men and women toil from dusk to dawn, but the blogger’s work is Never done.

Happy Tuesday

one mo time, I suppose

So Sam is in the air en route back to Baltimore and much as we love him, Ron and I are happy to have the house back to ourselves. And I am Determined to get both blogs going again. I am off work until Friday morning and that should be plenty of time. Now if I can just make myself Do it.

Sam has to get his health insurance stuff straightened out and then may (or may not) be coming back here to stay. (If he does come we will move to a three bedroom house) which will be more comfortable all around. In addition to finishing up last week’s Banned Books Week I have read and have on hand a number of other great books and really hope I can get my nose to the grindstone and get the blog going again. Gorgeous, sunny and cool in the Northwest today.


night. I am determined to make this the week that I get back into blogging every day, on both blogs. It is Banned Books Week, which at least gives me a ready made theme for the books blog and I Have ordered from the library all of the ten most frequently challenged books of 2007 that I have not already read many times over. Planning to post about two each day for the Monday–Friday week. The first post is done and set up to go live at one minute past midnight (eastern time zone). Just have to see if I can keep it up.

Sam is still here until the seventh of October but Staci and Kathi drove back to Boise on Friday. She has invited us to come over there for Thanksgiving, but who knows if we will be able to go. I will hopefully be back tomorrow.