Happy Wednesday

Apparently I am _never_ actually get around to posting here every single day, though it is a small comfort that I am managing to post more here than I do in books. And speaking of the books blog, this Wednesday morning brought a very pleasant surprise. I have finally dropped down under 100,000 in my Alexa ranking. (99,985 to be exact). I had previously been right on the verge (100,xxx) when Alexa changed the way they calculate (whatever the heck it is they are calculating) and I shot up to 140,xxx.

Now, I just have to find a way to get back into the habit of posting a book review every day. It’s not that I’ve stopped bringing books home and reading. Somehow lately it is like pulling teeth to string together any words about books. And WordPress isn’t helping either. Lately it seems if I save an incomplete draft post, when I re-open it, the compose window is mysteriously AWOL and absolutely Nothing will bring it back. Very annoying. So I recently finished a great book about bananas, and have and have read books for a cookbook roundup and an Easy book roundup, but the posts just are not getting written. (Egad, I’ve become one of those writers who Only writes about his struggles with writers block. Feh.)

Meanwhile, I called in sick on Monday and had a “lost day” and caught up on some much needed sleep. Then Tuesday Ron and Sam slept in most of the day Tuesday. So now it’s Wednesday morning, and I am hoping to see both Brett and Staci today. Here’s hoping all of you Monday–Friday types are having a nice ‘hump day’ and hopefully I will be back tomorrow with more news from the wacky world of Alan.

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dunno if

I am ever going to get back into book blogging mode. I have a huge stack right here on the couch but can’t seem to write about any of them. Ron had a doctor’s appointment this morning and afterwards Sam wanted to go back to the barbecue place in South Hill. So we did and I had the most wonderful BBQ brisket special. It was like a half pound of really good meat with baked beans and potato salad.

When we got home from that Staci called. Things have been hectic in her world. Since her last visit one of her friend’s husband died, then she got sun stroke, and then most seriously her father had a stroke. She has spent the past week arranging for him to have nurses and a home health aid and is really grateful to be over here on vacation for a week or so. (Kathi leaves for Florida on Friday for about a week, then Staci and Kathi will drive back to Boise sometime thereafter.)

Meanwhile, since Staci will be busy with Kathi tomorrow, Ron Sam and I are planning to drive up Mount Rainier and hopefully have lunch at Paradise lodge. Paradise just thie year re-opened after being closed for remodeling for several years and I am anxious to see how it came out. Whatever else, it will be real nice to get back to Rainier again.


I have re-gained the number three spot in Books on entrecard and my traffic and drops from there are back up nicely, thankyewverymuch. Ron is channel surfing and landed on the DNC for a few minutes. Personally, I am very glad Not to be in that loud crowded hall. And politicsNPR is twittering the vote state by state so I am following it as I browse and compose. I find myself hoping that now having been able to go ahead and vote for her at the convention, Hillary’s most die hard supporters will go on to support Obama. (Was appalled to read the other day that some of them are announcing they will support McLame rather than vote for Obama.) Mostly, though I am managing to just ignore politics these days.

I need to do another round of power dropping today and again tomorrow to firm up my hold on the number three spot. Then Friday-Saturday-Sunday I am back to work. We are blessedly closed so Monday is a paid day off, Yay! Bad news is after staying up all night Monday and then staying up all day yesterday I slept Forever and did not get up until one something this afternoon. I fear I will _never_ get myself back on a regular sleep schedule. Here’s hoping your hump day Wednesday is going well and I will hopefully be back again tomorrow just to say hey.

Happy Wednesday

And a happy Wednesday to you! My days off from work always seem to go by much more quickly and much less productively than I intend. Apart from blogging and dropping cards, I accomplished absolutely nothing yesterday and today’s start is not auspicious. I had a dentist appointment for 8:15 am, but overslept and missed it. Will have to try to get Ron to call them and reschedule. Meanwhile I am trying to get my blogging and dropping done for today so that I can take my broken hearing aid up to Virginia Mason in Federal Way and hopefully swing by Kathi’s today to visit her and Staci. (Regular readers will note that I first blogged about that errand last week but never got around to it.)

I feel bad that I haven’t seen much of Staci this trip. Since she is working for Kathi doing major housecleaning and organizing, she had to pass on our invitation to the Scottish Highlands festival last Saturday. (The fact that it would have been $15/each for admission plus $4 to park also weighed in strongly against going.) Ron seems extremely reluctant to call over there and talk to them (he and Kathi do Not care for each other At All). I messaged Kathi on Twitter yesterday but didn’t hear back. I am thinking I will just stop by there en route to or from Virginia Mason and hope to catch them.

Here’s wishing you a happy and productive Wednesday.

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