Back on the chain gang

So keep your chin up boy
Forget the pain
I know you’ll make it
If you try again
There’s no use in quitting
When the world is waiting for you

Supertramp–Gone Hollywood
on the album Breakfast In America

Went back to work at Fakewood Library. Didn’t want to but there was no choice. Thursday at our meeting around 11am Polly told me that she will transfer me but first has to decide where would be the best place to transfer me to. Then according to the union contract they will have to give the employee they are swapping me with 14 calendar days notice. Polly agreed with me that the library system has been swapping people from one branch to another, not as a “transfer” but just to cover one particular shift. She said that she would make some calls and try to arrange some temporary transfers for me. However she called back yesterday afternoon to tell me that she had not been able to arrange anything and I had to either work at Fakewood Library or not get paid.

It wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been. While my supervisor, Roberta, seems utterly clueless and steadfastly argued to me that she made NO mistakes whatsoever in her handling of this, I was mostly able to avoid any but the most banal contact with her at work yesterday and my 7.5 hour shift went okay. I am however being quite anal about recording Exactly what I do and how much of it I do each hour at work. Yesterday’s notes:

10:30–10:50am– created a new cart stocked with two cart shelves of Mysteries. Shelved the cart.

10:50am–11am– created a new cart stocked with three cart shelves of Mysteries

11am–11:15 am– received postal mail delivery. pulled out all newspapers from the mail bin. Checked newspapers in on the newspaper tally sheet. Put all newspapers on the display shelves for patrons to use.

11:115am–12noon checked in returned library materials. checked in 145 items and had all put away on the holding shelves and the check in desk cleared for the next page by exactly 12 noon.

12noon–12:15 pm Break, as per union contract and branch rules

12:15–12:45pm– shelved cart with three shelf carts of Mysteries as well as about 1 dozen paperbacks and 1 dozen magazines

12:45pm–1:00pm–shelved 1 cart shelf of Non-Fiction

1pm–1:15pm– located a particular magazine per managing librarian’s request. This required going down to the (non-public) basement old magazine stacks and then out to the public magazine racks where the requested issue actually was located.

1:15–2:00pm–checked in returned library materials. checked in 166 items and had all put away on the holding shelves and the check in desk cleared for the next page by exactly 2pm

2–2:30pm– unpaid lunch break per contract and rules

2:30–3pm–shelved 1.5 cart shelves on Non-Fiction

3–4pm– checked in 147 items of returned library materials. had all put away and desk cleared for next page.

4–4:15 pm– Break, as per contract and rules

4:15–4:30 pm– did clean up and pickups in children’s and reference section per daily page schedule

4:30–5pm– shelved 3 cart shelves Fiction.

5–6pm— coordinated with other page on duty. performed evening pick up rounds and other closing hour tasks as per regular schedule and arrangements

My stress level was dangerously high at the beginning of the day. (I was literally hyper-ventilating non-stop when shelving in Mysteries at the start of my shift). I did take a total of 3 xanax to get through the day yesterday and also took my afternoon dose of the new med at lunch. Today I am enjoying being off and not having to go back in to work until tomorrow. Also am counting the days until I get transferred to small branch where I hope and pray I will get along well with the supervisor and my co-workers in the new location.

More later.

thursday afternoon feels

like Sunday night. Back to work at 8am tomorrow and I am So not looking forward to it. At least it will be a short week since we are closed Monday. Then Tuesday Sam arrives from Baltimore. I am thinking I will try to get a week’s worth of posts up on TRL on my holiday Monday, since I probably will not have as much time with Sam being here. I finished a wonderful book last night, Dirty Martini by JA Konrath. I will probably blog that one for Monday’s post and I am currently reading a few other books so hopefully by Monday I will have a week’s worth ready to write about.

I was not able to get to sleep until around 5am, then slept til 1pm so I know it will be a bear getting to sleep tonight and getting up at 6am tomorrow for work. The only thing besides blog stuff I really did this weekend was to drive over to the South Hill library branch and browse and borrow from a different collection. On the way back from there we found a Really great barbecue place and had a wonderful late lunch. We will definitely want to go back there while Sam is here.


Back to work this afternoon–evening for my 2:45–9:15pm shift, then have to be back tomorrow morning at 8 for my 8–3:30. These Thur–Fri combos are a killer. And after being up most all day yesterday, Earthlink is off and on again this morning so who knows if I will even be able to post this. Managed to get some blogging done this two day weekend but not as much as I would have liked to. I will be back tomorrow afternoon-evening and Saturday after work.

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feels like Sunday night :(

So tomorrow it is back to work for me. My two too quick days off were not nearly as productive as I had hoped (I still haven’t taken that damned hearing aid up to Federal Way), though I did have a very nice lunch with Staci, who is flying home to Boise tomorrow and leaving behind Kathi’s house looking like one of those home staging companies has just left. It was a transformation worthy of HGTV. Staci will be returning at some undetermined time in September to house sit when Kathi goes down to Florida gto visit her mother and we will get to see a lot more of her on that visit.

Today was errands payday = errands day. Ron and I went to the bank and to the Right Aid and to Group Health and to Brett’s on our medicine run. And then Ron and Rick when and did major grocery shopping. Still need to fill up the tank. Staci put $10 in gas in for me when we drove down to Dupont for lunch at our favorite Chinese buffet, and after today’s trips it’s back down under an eight. At least it has finally dropped back just under 4 dollars a gallon here. I did manage to do a blog post and drop some Entrecards but fortunatley my visitors on The Thin Red Line have been good and getting better all week so the blog is holding its own. I am looking forward to being off on Saturday. Hoping this finds you off to a great Thursday.