If you are not familiar with Empire Avenue–  a social networking stock market game,  please feel completely free to ignore this page as it does not apply to you.     Empire Avenue is a great site that is part social network,  part social network monitoring tool and part game.    Empire Avenue players earn and spend a virtual currency called eaves.       If you arrived at this site via an Empire Avenue mission,   you received eaves from me in return for doing something specified in the mission such as leaving a comment or pressing the like and share buttons.

While most of the folks I have met on Empire Avenue are scrupulously honest and always do what is asked,  there always seem to be a few folks who just grab the eaves and run and make no attempt to complete the task.     I try very hard to give clear and simple instructions,  and if you are ever unsure about what it is that is expected of you,   I urge you to contact me  (just leave a comment anywhere on this blog or drop me a note on Facebook or on my Empire Avenue wall).     I tend to think that folks who grab the eaves and run are under one of two mistaken assumptions–  that no body really cares about this play money  or that there are no consequences to stealing eaves.    Neither of these is actually true.

I’ve spoken with so many players who feel everything from frustration to outright rage when people take their hard earned play money and don’t do what they were asked.    I also know that there are,  or soon will be,  more than one sites out there on the vast Internet  that catalog and publicize folks who take the (play) money and run.    Yes,  it’s just a game,  but imagine how you might feel if some day you are up for a job and the human resources person asks you to explain this page that they’ve discovered searching by your wallet name or Empire Avenue handle that calls you a virtual thief.     My sincerest thanks to each and every one of you who stops by and leaves a comment,   whether you were paid eaves to do so or not.

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