A Gentleman’s C

gentlemans c293/366  which comes out to 80%.   That is my final score on the blog every day in 2012 challenge I set for myself at the beginning of the year.      Trying to write and publish a new post every day actually proved to be far more challenging than I ever imagined when I set out to do it.     While I am a bit appalled at the huge number of times I really didn’t say anything but that I was having a bad bi-polar day,  I am genuinely proud of many of the 293 posts that I published over the course of the 366 days in 2012.    I don’t yet know whether I will attempt to gather these posts into a book.     I am resolving not to brashly resolve and announce anything about that.     Though I do think it may be a possibility.

These blog posts are definitely a peculiar blend of personal diary,  advice and commentary about blogging, writing and social media, and the popular Just Three Words feature,  which I implemented in May,  following a great chance suggestion from my friend Lindy.   But what to call the book?    Since the three word gimmick doesn’t even come into play until almost half way through I don’t think it would work well to call the book Just Three Words.  Offhand I am unable today to think of other titles.    Looking back over some of the posts,  I am just amazed at all of the great comments I received,  and all of the people I got to meet and chat with.    It really has been an amazing year on the blog.     Here’s wishing you and your family a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.


we’ve made it through another year. I don’t really Do resolutions but I am planning on learning more about making money online and increasing my extremely modest online living. I think I have finally figured out how to make some real money, but I am going to go slow and work at setting up some highly targeted very special interest weekly blogs that are geared to affiliate programs. I am doing a lot of research about affiliate programs and products and online marketing. Around September or October of last year I announced that I expected my site to have meaningful cash flow and I accomplished that. This coming year I am going to start actually making money. And I Promise NEVER to do a MMO blog.

Have you resolved anything to accomplish or avoid in 2009?