It’s MY Life or Writing About The Gay Stuff

itsmylifeI confess that I have not yet even nearly finished the enormous copy editing job of cleaning all of my 2012 posts to publish as a book.     I find myself revisiting my previous conclusion that I would allow the blog posts to stand on their own and not even go through the process of contacting each commentator and asking them for permission to publish their comments in a book.   But on some of the posts,  some of the comments were frankly better than anything I’ve written and it feels as though any book would be incomplete without those reactions.     I was so pleased that two people whom I thought had drifted away in the past year,  posted comments replying to my last post.     It really was like finding out I still had a couple of friends I’d though I had lost.   Life seems really complicated sometimes.

The ways that online social life is and isn’t just like offline social life is one of the things I had meant to talk about rather more than I did.   I also notice that l did a bit of building up and fore-shadowing early in the year that I quite failed to follow up on.  In retrospect I can only give myself about half-credit for my decision a bit less than half way through the year to  implement Just Three Words.     The first posts,  especially were clever.   Over the course of the year I was somewhat hit or miss– some of my three word posts were quite well done,   but other times I clearly struggled with the formula,  and at the very least was guilty of lazy writing sometimes.    I was not, however,  guilty of leaving out the gay stuff.    While I didn’t and don’t want to emphasize my sexuality on this blog,   I can’t help but notice that two different pieces that do talk about gay issues were two of the most commented upon pieces I have published.    I find myself agreeing with something Laura  commented on a post last March.   It’s 2012 and I just can’t be bothered with the same old anti-gay shit.    Yet I am trying very hard to move beyond  shouting ‘we’re here, we’re queer’  to actually talking to people about things that are important to me.     That is not a denial of any of the wrongs that lots of queer folks continue to suffer.   It’s just a decision about how I want to live my life today.

I should end this post with a short, bold faced paragraph that gives some brief biography.   If I were manic and promotional as I was last March I would precede that final bio blurb with some bit about stay tuned,  if there are things you don’t understand  as all will be revealed.     I don’t feel hucksterish enough to pull that off,  so will simply close by saying once again that I am deeply grateful to everyone who visits and reads these posts.    And hope that it’s a good weekend in your world.

8 comments on “It’s MY Life or Writing About The Gay Stuff

  1. Three points from one of your old (in both meanings of the word) followers.

    It might damage your reputation, but if you want to risk it you can use my comments whenever and wherever you wish. When I write anything on the web, I do so under the assumption that my words could and quite possibly would be used for or against me some where or some time, in or out of context. That is the nature of the web and social media. It’s a case of publish and be damned – or perhaps praised.

    Secondly, I am a former very anti-homosexuality male brought up in an extremely macho environment. With age, perhaps tempered by a few years exposure to a more liberal society, I have become more tolerant and have adopted a live and let live philosophy. But I have no concern about, or interest in, your or any other person’s sex life. I read your posts because I enjoy your writing and your perspective on many topics – even if I might disagree with some of them.

    Thirdly, some of your 3 word posts were very good, but it appeared you struggled with others and they did not provide the same level of enjoyment.

  2. I’m sorry that a book of your work won’t be published, Alan. I always enjoyed your blog when I visited it and your distinct point of view. I will miss hearing your views about books, life and politics.

  3. Your blog always stuck in my mind as the one to go visit again. And I rarely had time. But the few visits I managed left a profound and inspiring impression. I’m very sad that you’ve moved on to the higher realms of looking down and grinning on us all… you will be missed.

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