Banana Chicken Breasts

Part of me feels just a little guilty about having a third banana post in such a brief interval,  but these are the three words,  suggested by my friend Rex Jarvis that came up for today.    I frankly wasn’t surprised that I found a recipe (and image) for banana chicken curry with rice and lettuce with tahini sauce.    To tell you the truth,  the instructions– to chop up a banana and combine it with a spoon of mustard, a spoon of curry powder and some brown sugar,   then stuff this mixture into a split chicken breast and roast it– don’t much appeal to me.   Though to be fair I can see how the recipe might appeal to others.

It is unfortunate in some respects to use three words that lead so clearly and directly to a recipe.   There really isn’t much more to say about banana chicken breasts.  I suppose if I were more imaginative I could write about some odd species of chicken that has banana shaped breasts,  but without an image I can’t imagine getting lots of folks all het up about that idea.

I’ve been processing all of the great feedback I got last week on my post about ‘is Empire Avenue ‘real life’ or is it ‘just a game’?‘    I was frankly thrilled with all of the excellent comments I received,  and most every comment gave me much to think about.    And I have realized that as frustrating as mission cheaters are,  the best course really is to quietly block people who take your eaves and don’t do what you asked them to in your mission.    I think that taking complaints about Empire Avenue cheating to places beyond Empire Avenue is simply the wrong focus.   For me the big pay off from my efforts in blogging and social media are the good friends and new acquaintances I’m so fortunate to continue meeting.     I believe that I will be best served by continuing to seek out and develop these relationships,  rather than focusing valuable time and energy on people whose ethics make them not people I’d care to associate with.

Happy Economic Banana

I’m coming to believe that one of the lessons I will take away from this challenge (to blog every day in 2012) is that posting every day is not necessarily in a blogger’s best interests.   When you first start out,  and need to build up a body of content to give your site substance,  daily posting might make more sense.  But for an established site,  adding a new post every single day can be counter-productive.   A couple of days ago I did a post asking  whether Empire Avenue is “real life” or “just a game”.     I was very pleased at all the comments I received and honestly yesterday and today I would have preferred to continue promoting that post and try to continue the discussions it sparked.    However,  since I am committed to posting every day,  I have published more posts and am working on this post for today.

This is not the first time the word banana has come up in these Just 3 Words suggestions.   I was really impressed by my friend Wayne‘s comment on my earlier banana post.   Wayne pointed out what a fascinating history bananas have,  both horticulturally economically and politically.   From the botanists who worked diligently for many years to create the Cavendish banana that is a yellow supermarket staple the world over these days to the often corrupt governments in Central American regions where bananas are produced.    (Making a mental note to pick up a bunch of bananas the next time I go to the store.)

I apologize that this post isn’t really about the economics of banana happiness.    Sometimes the words can be used to create a great post,  and other times like today it simply does not work.   I thank my friend Jana Vrints for suggesting today’s words,  and promise that I will be back tomorrow with a new post.   Even if the real life vs. just a game discussion continues to hop and it doesn’t really feel as though I need one.   Frankly,  I will be glad to make it through the end of the year when I will no longer feel obligated to do a new post every day.   Here’s hoping that this finds you having a great Thursday.

Banana Monitor Crystal

The post title had me imagining a display screen like you might see in a hospital,  connected by those little ekg pads to a bunch of bananas,  displaying some fruity equivalent to various human physiological measurements.   Then when you look really close you realize they are not fleshy living bananas but very artistic crystal replicas.   Sadly my image search  turned up nothing of the sort and I was reduced to using a picture of a perfectly ordinary bunch of bananas.

I am quite certain that at some point during the years I worked at the library I read and reviewed an excellent non-fiction book about bananas.   I remember reading about all the different varieties that grow in different places,  about the work of the plant breeders who did a great deal of experimental cross breeding on the road to creating the pictured Cavendish banana which has become a standard supermarket staple.   However searching and searching my book review blog I can’t seem to find the post,  leaving me to wonder if perhaps I read the book but for some reason didn’t blog about it.   I have to say it is rather disconcerting not to be able to find a post I feel certain I did write.   Though I fear this will sound to my non-blogger friends a great deal like  ‘the dog ate my homework’.

I have this month treated myself to not one but two new 99 cent books.     On my friend Holly’s recommendation,  I downloaded and read The Corner Cafe:A Tasty Collection of Short Stories.   The stories varied a good deal both in length and quality,  although several of them were well written and mostly I did enjoy this volume.    Unfortunately the BBT Cafe authors have not made this title available on Smashwords.    Since Amazon does not pay any commissions on eBook sales,  and the title is not offered through Smashwords I can not possibly make even a tiny ten percent commission off the book,  so I am not reviewing it or selling it.   (And am making the umpteenth mental reminder note to check and see if a title is available on Smashwords before spending 99 cents and reading it.)   The other book I just bought is Ann Charles’ Nearly Departed In Deadwood.    This is one in a series of books,  and I got a later title in this series free,  and enjoyed it enough that I was willing to fork over the dollar and eight cents  (here in WA state, Amazon does charge sales tax).   I will have to see if it is available through Smashwords and possibly review it.