4,096 EC/ day

Phew. I’ve made it through my work week and am to my Tuesday/Wednesday “weekend”. I logged into Entrecard and was shocked to find my ad price for Thin Red Line up to 4,096 EC /day. I don’t think anyone actually bought at 2,048 but apparently four people bought at 512 all at the same time. I am hanging onto the number 3 position in Books, but the top 5 are all within 20 points of each other so lots of ups and downs are possible, though today’s incoming drops are down. /me shrugs

Sam and Rick went off to run an errand. I was supposed to go pick Staci up at 5 pm, but it’s five now and they aren’t back so Ron called to let Staci know I will be a bit late. (Staci was rushing to try to get ready since she was expecting me any minute. I have a whole Bunch of great books on the couch (and have even Read some of them) so I am really hoping to buckle down tonight and tomorrow and post a full week of book posts this week. Tomorrow, I do have an appointment to go pick up my repaired hearing aids and return the loaners, then Wednesday we are going to take Staci to the zoo. That should be fun.

Hope those of you with traditional work schedules are off to a good week.

another Friday

means back to work for me. We had a staff meeting from ten to eleven. They seem to be Really concerned that materials get put out on the shelves within 24 hours from check in. I am Not altogether sure how realistic that goal is or what Exactly they intend to do about it.
Ah well.

Thursday was a great day. I took Ron and Sam down to Mount Rainer and it was a lovely drive. I had intended we would eat at the restaurant at Paradise lodge well up the mountain, but the service was so abysmal we finally gave up waiting for a table. I didn’t mean to, but when we left Paradise I set off in the opposite direction than the way we came in and we ended up exiting the park down at the southern entrance and so had a bit farther to make our way back home. I am thinking of going back there next week with Staci if she is up for it. I did go by Kathi’s after work and visited with Staci for an hour or so. Tomorrow night I am supposed to make shrimp etouffee and she is going to come over for dinner.

Meanwhile I just need to get to bed and get to sleep so I can get up at 6:30 am tomorrow and be back at work 8a–2p. feh

dunno if

I am ever going to get back into book blogging mode. I have a huge stack right here on the couch but can’t seem to write about any of them. Ron had a doctor’s appointment this morning and afterwards Sam wanted to go back to the barbecue place in South Hill. So we did and I had the most wonderful BBQ brisket special. It was like a half pound of really good meat with baked beans and potato salad.

When we got home from that Staci called. Things have been hectic in her world. Since her last visit one of her friend’s husband died, then she got sun stroke, and then most seriously her father had a stroke. She has spent the past week arranging for him to have nurses and a home health aid and is really grateful to be over here on vacation for a week or so. (Kathi leaves for Florida on Friday for about a week, then Staci and Kathi will drive back to Boise sometime thereafter.)

Meanwhile, since Staci will be busy with Kathi tomorrow, Ron Sam and I are planning to drive up Mount Rainier and hopefully have lunch at Paradise lodge. Paradise just thie year re-opened after being closed for remodeling for several years and I am anxious to see how it came out. Whatever else, it will be real nice to get back to Rainier again.

work today

was thanfully not that bad. My immediate supervisor was Off today (as in at home, not there) and without w0rrying myself about managing Beckie’s perceptions and just Do the job like I’ve done it all along and my three day weekend starts NOW. I am thinking of driving us up to Mount Rainier on Thursday this week (I really want to see the renovations at Paradise Lodge), but Staci will be here then (she is house-sitting at Kathi’s for a couple of weeks) and my little Saturn might be a bit cramped with all four of us in the car.

I suppose I could dig out my calendar and make sure but I think that Staci gets here on Wed and that Kathi leaves for Florida on Friday (0r is Tuesday/Thursday??). Anywho I am looking forward to seeing more of Staci than we did last time, when she was Really bizzy doing Kathi’s major cleaning and clearing out project. Here’s hoping that Staci and Sam hit it off.

feels like Sunday night :(

So tomorrow it is back to work for me. My two too quick days off were not nearly as productive as I had hoped (I still haven’t taken that damned hearing aid up to Federal Way), though I did have a very nice lunch with Staci, who is flying home to Boise tomorrow and leaving behind Kathi’s house looking like one of those home staging companies has just left. It was a transformation worthy of HGTV. Staci will be returning at some undetermined time in September to house sit when Kathi goes down to Florida gto visit her mother and we will get to see a lot more of her on that visit.

Today was errands payday = errands day. Ron and I went to the bank and to the Right Aid and to Group Health and to Brett’s on our medicine run. And then Ron and Rick when and did major grocery shopping. Still need to fill up the tank. Staci put $10 in gas in for me when we drove down to Dupont for lunch at our favorite Chinese buffet, and after today’s trips it’s back down under an eight. At least it has finally dropped back just under 4 dollars a gallon here. I did manage to do a blog post and drop some Entrecards but fortunatley my visitors on The Thin Red Line have been good and getting better all week so the blog is holding its own. I am looking forward to being off on Saturday. Hoping this finds you off to a great Thursday.


I seem to be Really tired A Lot lately. It’s not yet 8pm and I can only just barely keep my eyes open and type this little post. I would think that maybe my blood sugar was messed up or something (I haven’t really been fully compliant on my meds for ages now) but when I checked my sugar was 96, which is to say normal. With seeing Staci on Tuesday and then maybe having a doctor’s appointment to take Ron to on Wednesday, I fear I won’t get much blogging or catch-up resting done.

So I was telling Ron that I was thinking of maybe taking some time off in September when Staci will be here and he reminded me that his (our) friend Sam will be here from Baltimore from Sept 2nd to October 4th. I am really looking forward to spending time with Sam, though I am still thinking that I will take some time off while Staci is here, though I’m not sure how much vaca I have coming since I took off a full week when Ron was in the hospital for his bypass.

And the really sad part about my anxious anticipation of taking vacation while these two dear friends are here to spend time with, is that fact that deep down I suspect what I am really looking forward to is merely the chance to sleep in.

Saturday afternoon slowdown

Well, I am half way through my work week and enjoying my Saturday afternoon. Staci had been scheduled to fly home to Boise tomorrow but Ron called and it turns out she is staying on until Thursday because there is still so much cleaning to be done. (Rumor has it they have taken pickup truck fulls of stuff to the dump and three to charity; I’m told we will not recognize the house in its new cleaned up state.) So we now have plans to get together with Staci on Tuesday. Not sure what we’ll do but even if we just hang out together it will be great to spend some time with Staci again. And she is coming back again next month to house-sit and dog-sit when Kathi is going to Florida to visit her mother. I am going to find out just when exactly this is to take place and request some vacation timeso we will be able to see her often then.

Apart from writing this little blog post and eating some chocolate chip cookies that Ron just baked I am kind of fading fast and expect I will be turning in fairly early this evening, even though I don’t have to be to work until noon tomorrow. Goodnight.

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Some Weeks

Some weeks, it seems, I just can’t write about books. I have finished two great books that need to get blogged and returned but I just can’t seem to get to it this week. News here– Staci is back in town, this time to clean Kathi’s house. (and Kathi is paying her 15/hour so this time she is on a Paycation). It is great having Staci around again, though it has gotten me a bit riled up. (It turns out Staci was mad at us for not being in touch the last few days she was here last time. This is puzzling to me cuz I thought that Ron had told me he talked to her and she was busy her last few days in town last time, but maybe I was mistaken or misunderstood.

Yesterday, I was off and slept very late and really did not get much of anything at all accomplished during the day. Today I got up reasonably early and am going to try to get some stuff done today. For one thing I need to take one of my hearing aid’s up to Virginia Mason in Federal Way to be sent back to the factory for repair. I also need to have a new earmold made and will need new tubing when it comes in.

Tomorrow afternoon it’s back to work, but I will be off Saturday this week and we are going to see if maybe we can take Staci up to the Scottish Highlands Games which are being held this weekend in Enumclaw, just a bit up the road in King County. I have not been since a year or two before Joel died and find I am looking forward to a day at the fair with lots of guys in kilts. Here’s hoping we get to go.