Five Ways To Help

Avenue cover1Walking Down The Avenue version 2.0 is now available in the Amazon Kindle store and from Smashwords.    I am so grateful to all of my #GANGSTA friends,  especially those who beta read the new book and provided very valuable feedback.   I am also most grateful to everyone who has agreed to help me promote this book to new Empire Avenue users.     Here are five great ways you can help me do just that:

1)  Recommend Walking Down The Avenue to new players.   If you frequently invest in brand new players,   please leave shout outs suggesting the book.  For example:

“Welcome to Empire Avenue.   If you have questions or find it confusing,  check out this guidebook   It’s a quick and easy read that takes most of the learning curve out of Empire Avenue”

2)  Always use the book’s URL when mentioning it.   By simply omitting the spaces and adding  .com  Walking Down The Avenue  becomes   Getting this URL widely in front of folks’ eyes will help to drive traffic to the site.

3)  If you’ve read the book,  either by a privately distributed Word doc or by purchasing it from Smashwords or Amazon,   please leave a review.   If you purchased the book from Amazon or Smashwords,   please leave the review on the site you purchased from.    Reviews on the book’s sales pages definitely help build credibility and encourage sales.    If you did not purchase the book,   please leave your review  here.    You need not write a long and complex book review.   Just a sentence or two about how you found the book helpful or why you recommend that new users read it would be just great.

4)  Look for missions that promote this book.    Some of my #GANGSTA buddies are wealthy in Empire Avenue terms and will be running some missions to help promote this book.    By participating in missions you can help with the book promotion and gain a few eaves at the same time.

5)  Join us in the #GANGSTAS  community on Empire Avenue.    We hope to make this community a friendly and welcoming place for new users who have #EAv questions.    By participating,   you will help to make the message board a true community.   You may also meet some great people and have fun as well.

Thanks so much to each and every person who has read and helped to promote this book since I first wrote and released it back in  June 2011.

It seems as though…

I will just never be a consistent, regular personal blogger.    While Empire Avenue has made some changes this month,  in particular a new and improved layout for profiles and support for mobile check in service Four Square and iPhone photo sharing suite Instagram.     So I am going to have to do some re-writing and revising in the next two weeks,  for the most part the book’s text will stand as written.      I am going to allow a handful of other players to send out a free coupon code for Walking Down The Avenue 1.0 via shareholder mail.     I will also send out the coupon code via shareholder mail to both my (e)LIBDRONE and (e)WALKING accounts and via e-mail to everyone who signs up for my mailing list.  (Look in the right sidebar!)    For those who do not receive a coupon code,  the list price will be $2.99.   Since I will be heavily promoting the 100% discount coupon,  I don’t know how many copies I may or may not actually sell very many copies,  but I am looking forward to at least potentially beginning to make some money from the eBook.

Still to be done,  I need to get a new book cover image ready.   I also need to finalize arrangements with the folks who will be sending out the coupon codes for me,  and make those last changes and additions to the manuscript.    August 30 will be here before I know it.  (Although the book will officially launch on September 1st,  I intend to actually upload it on August 30th,  to allow time to be sure that the book is up and available on launch day.)   I am so pleased with all of the great people I am meeting on Empire Avenue and am especially grateful to the nearly 250 folks who (as of this writing) have downloaded the free beta edition of Walking Down The Avenue.    The free beta will continue to be available until approximately August 30th– the new 1.0 version will replace the beta version on Smashwords.    If you download the beta version from Smashwords prior to the upgrade,  you will be able to re-download that beta version again for as long as Smashwords exists.    However, you will not be able to download the new 1.0 version unless you buy it,  either for $2.99 or using a coupon code as described above.

Thank you so much for your help and support.   I look forward to continuing to write and update Walking Down The Avenue for as long as Empire Avenue itself keeps going.

Getting ready for 1.0

On September 1st I will be releasing version 1.0  of my eBook Walking Down The Avenue.   At that time I will raise the price from free to 99 cents.   I feel certain that I will not distribute as many paid copies right off the bat as I did free copies,  but my  strategy with this book has been as a long term project.  If, as I hope, Empire Avenue has a nice long run and the game continues to constantly evolve and change,  I should be able to continue publishing up-dated versions every two or three months.

Actually,  I am hoping to have the new text and all of the edits done and the new and improved book cover image uploaded by August 30th or so,  so that I can make sure that everything is working correctly.   Then on September 1st I will announce the new book release in a guest blog post on a popular social media blog.   A free coupon code will be available to Empire Avenue shareholders,  both mine and those of the host of my guest blog post.     I will probably be fairly free in giving out the coupon code to shareholders.     I will also be distributing the coupon code via my e-mail list.   So if you haven’t already,  you might want to sign up in the sidebar at the right.   This is a very low volume mailing list.   Every six to eight weeks, at most I will send a new message.   So far the only message I have sent was to announce the availability of the beta version of Walking. I give you my word that I will never be a spambot.

How much work I am going to have to do on revisions depends largely on how much Dups and the team change the game between now and around August 23rd.    I have already made some updates and revisions and begun adding new material,  but I am very much at the mercy of developments on the Avenue as to how much updating I will have to do.   I am so pleased and grateful to everyone who has downloaded and read Walking Down The Avenue and especially to the 32 of you who have subscribed and even more grateful to the 15 folks who opened the message.   So here is just a little added incentive to sign up for my mailing list– everyone who is subscribed by August 31st will continue to receive a free coupon code for my eBook for as long as I publish it.    As I said I plan initially to be very free in handing out the free coupon code,  but just as what is now free will cost 99 cents next month,  I don’t plan on giving the book away forever.   So be one of the few who have the savvy to sign up now and continue to get the most useful eBook about Empire Avenue for as long as the game goes on.