#Winning– Christopher Baccus, Jane Fonda and Shannon Morgan

This post has nothing whatsoever to do with @Charlie Sheen,  #tigerblood  nor the Like button reputedly tattooed on Ryan Zeigler’s junk.

Some days,  things go really well.   For instance,  yesterday evening I got the chance to chat a bit further with AT&T social media director Christopher Baccus.   I told him a bit about my own relationship-based investment strategy on Empire Avenue.  I mostly invest in people that I talk with and chat with.   Unless I am quite certain that I don’t want a relationship with someone who buys shares in me,  I always buy back– even if I can only buy a handful of shares.   As relationships progress,  I make further investments.  When I have invested in shares in someone who owns no shares in me,  I look at those shares as “money in the bank”– the shares I will sell first and without hesitation when funds are needed to invest in a more promising prospect.    Chris seemed to really listen to this little speech that I fired off.    He pointed out that Monday was only AT&T’s  second day on Empire Avenue and that frankly they haven’t yet figured out how they will approach things like buying virtual shares in their own virtual shareholders.  I was even more so than during our previous conversation impressed by Chris’ listening skills and have the feeling that we may see great things from the AT&T team in the days ahead.

In addition to the huge corporate brands that began appearing on the Avenue late last week,  Monday evening brought about our first bona fide celebrity siting.   Not merely a “social media” celebrity- an actual movie star– the incomparable Ms. Jane Fonda listed herself on Empire Avenue around 5:30 pm.   My good buddy Travis Tripp was the first person in my orbit to break the news,   and by 6pm like many of my friends who happened to be online at the time,   I owned 200 shares in (e)JFONDA and spent the evening watching their value rise.   As of this writing ,  the value of my Fonda shares is up nearly 1,600.    I get the impression that Ms. Fonda is frankly more interested in promoting her exercise videos,  rather than meeting and greeting her legions of fans,  but I have to confess I felt more than a little thrill at leaving a Welcome to Empire Avenue note on Ms. Fonda’s EA profile.    The very astute Anise Smith not only snapped up two hundred shares in Ms. Fonda but also invested in her Public Relations man (e)INFLUENCER.

One might expect that having interacted with a social media heavyweight and brushed close to a real movie star,  that my third coup of the evening might have proved something of a let down.   My good friend Shannon Morgan posted the first two paragraphs of a short story on her blog and invited readers to continue the story, promising to use the best entry in her next blog post.   Somehow,  in between selling shares in people I am somewhat less than bullish on,  purchasing shares in Ms. Fonda and serving an hour on the #SocialEmpire chat room help desk (where I answered a number of questions and helped three new users make their way into our group– I was surprised that it felt a great deal like when I used to do IRC customer support for Sprynet,  and I genuinely enjoyed it),  I managed to write two paragraphs continuing Shannon’s story.   I was one of the last to turn in my entry as it happens and I was totally overjoyed when Shannon declared me the winner around 10pm.  (Shannon has said before that I have good #InternetBodyLanguage and I certainly give her props for her openly declared #heteroflexibility,)

Since Monday proved to be such a #candylandofawesomeness,  I am almost afraid to imagine what extraordinary surprises Tuesday may bring to Empire Avenue and my #SocialEmpire friends.   But however it turns out,  I resolve that I will return to this space and share all the news of everything from #EAvKink to the soon to be officially announced Remarkable Association of Writers Who READ.    Have a great Tuesday!

one mo time, I suppose

So Sam is in the air en route back to Baltimore and much as we love him, Ron and I are happy to have the house back to ourselves. And I am Determined to get both blogs going again. I am off work until Friday morning and that should be plenty of time. Now if I can just make myself Do it.

Sam has to get his health insurance stuff straightened out and then may (or may not) be coming back here to stay. (If he does come we will move to a three bedroom house) which will be more comfortable all around. In addition to finishing up last week’s Banned Books Week I have read and have on hand a number of other great books and really hope I can get my nose to the grindstone and get the blog going again. Gorgeous, sunny and cool in the Northwest today.

done with the workweek

whew. So I made it through Monday, which on my library work schedule is my “Friday” and I am thrilled to be to my two day weekend. Just finishing publishing Tuesday’s book post. And was really thrilled to see that over 350 people visited the Monday post, thanks to Stumble Upon. (On the down side, mostly ignoring the books blog for the month of September has me Way down on Entrecard, number 8 in Books I think and the traffic from there Really falls off if you are not in the top three. Will have to catch up on my dropping this weekend. Hope your week is off to a good start.


4,096 EC/ day

Phew. I’ve made it through my work week and am to my Tuesday/Wednesday “weekend”. I logged into Entrecard and was shocked to find my ad price for Thin Red Line up to 4,096 EC /day. I don’t think anyone actually bought at 2,048 but apparently four people bought at 512 all at the same time. I am hanging onto the number 3 position in Books, but the top 5 are all within 20 points of each other so lots of ups and downs are possible, though today’s incoming drops are down. /me shrugs

Sam and Rick went off to run an errand. I was supposed to go pick Staci up at 5 pm, but it’s five now and they aren’t back so Ron called to let Staci know I will be a bit late. (Staci was rushing to try to get ready since she was expecting me any minute. I have a whole Bunch of great books on the couch (and have even Read some of them) so I am really hoping to buckle down tonight and tomorrow and post a full week of book posts this week. Tomorrow, I do have an appointment to go pick up my repaired hearing aids and return the loaners, then Wednesday we are going to take Staci to the zoo. That should be fun.

Hope those of you with traditional work schedules are off to a good week.

work today

was thanfully not that bad. My immediate supervisor was Off today (as in at home, not there) and without w0rrying myself about managing Beckie’s perceptions and just Do the job like I’ve done it all along and my three day weekend starts NOW. I am thinking of driving us up to Mount Rainier on Thursday this week (I really want to see the renovations at Paradise Lodge), but Staci will be here then (she is house-sitting at Kathi’s for a couple of weeks) and my little Saturn might be a bit cramped with all four of us in the car.

I suppose I could dig out my calendar and make sure but I think that Staci gets here on Wed and that Kathi leaves for Florida on Friday (0r is Tuesday/Thursday??). Anywho I am looking forward to seeing more of Staci than we did last time, when she was Really bizzy doing Kathi’s major cleaning and clearing out project. Here’s hoping that Staci and Sam hit it off.