chh chh chh changes

I have just about decided that when my price gets down to 2ec I will turn advertising back on, but will not make the huge effort of dropping to keep my site up in the top three anymore. I am also Finally moving forward on a long planned project to create a page that displays RSS headlines from lots and Lots and LOTS of the best book, writing, author and library blogs. I am trying something called that seems to work great when I enter the feeds to be displayed and format the layout of the results, but when I put it on my site the layout looks great but it is pulling old posts from just one or two of the included blogs and I can’t seem to get it to work right. Hoping I will either find someone who can show me how to get it to work or find another service for this.

UPDATE– I think I did get it to work as intended and my feeds page is now up at

the blog gods and godesses…

….seem to have it in for me this week. I did not manage to post on Monday because work was hellishly busy, then we had company all evening. Tuesday, I managed to write a clever book post, even working in a bookish meme I was tagged with. I put in lots of links, proof read and checked everything twice. I clicked publish and Shazaam– an Earthlink configurator screen. moved back in my browser and found a completely blank Compose New Post form. Feh. Today I managed to get up a great post about an extraordinary new book, and the post looks great on the front page. But if you try to visit the full post page it somehow is Not There. No clue at all what’s up with that or how to fix it. I suppose I’m going to have to ask for help but I sure don’t Want to.

with being more or less offline and not dropping for several days, I am back down to number three in Books. I stayed up all night and dropped cards from the time Earthlink came back online around 2 am until nearly 7:30 am. My connection is sooooo sloow it took me that long to drop 300 cards. Yikes. I have read and am ready to post about Thursday’s and Friday’s books, but am almost afraid to try at this point.