I survived

the work week, though I was very tired and draggy at work today. the new check in method really has eliminated our backlogged turn around time and hopefully the pressure is back to Off now. I am off tomorrow, Saturday, before heading back to finish my week Sunday and Monday. Other good work news is my supv Approved my vaca request for the Sunday and Monday after Thanksgiving so hopefully Ron and I will be driving over to Boise Tuesday–Tuesday to spend turkey day with Staci and Clint. I am REALLY hoping we get to go.

meanwhile I realize I am back to neglecting This blog and all five of the posts I wrote last week have published and five more are due RSN.



back on the chain gang

So after ignoring my books blog for almost a full week, I have published Monday and Tuesday posts, dropped about 500 entrecards (over two days) and am trying to get back into the swing of things. Bad news is I dropped down from third to sixth in the Books category, which will really hurt my organic clicks. The slightly better news is that I am less than 100 points behind the third place blog and I’ve a feeling I will get back up in the top three over my three day Tues-Wed-Thurs weekend. The even better news is that even though my EC traffic and drops are way down, my total visitors is actually up a bit, though I haven’t dug into the stats to figure out just why. Meanwhile I have Wed-Thurs-Fri books picked out and mostly read so I will publish a full Monday–Friday week for the first time in ages.

I am contemplating formally declaring myself on vacation for all or part of next month and just letting the blog slide. (Though I shudder to think of how much work it will be to climb back up if I do.) OTOH, our friend Sam is coming out from Baltimore and will be staying with us Sept 2nd– Oct 4th (and may decide to move in with us permanently — YAY!!) and it would be nice to be free of the blog stuff so that I can have more time to visit. Have to contemplate that some more.