one mo time, I suppose

So Sam is in the air en route back to Baltimore and much as we love him, Ron and I are happy to have the house back to ourselves. And I am Determined to get both blogs going again. I am off work until Friday morning and that should be plenty of time. Now if I can just make myself Do it.

Sam has to get his health insurance stuff straightened out and then may (or may not) be coming back here to stay. (If he does come we will move to a three bedroom house) which will be more comfortable all around. In addition to finishing up last week’s Banned Books Week I have read and have on hand a number of other great books and really hope I can get my nose to the grindstone and get the blog going again. Gorgeous, sunny and cool in the Northwest today.


evening. just one more Long day of work and then my three day weekend. The meeting was endless and very dull, then Saturday was a ‘lost’ day. Slept late, went to bed early and didn’t Do much of Anything. Today work was Really bizzy, though now that we have three pages on Sunday we Can handle it, which is good. Came home and Sam announced he is taking us to Chinese Buffet for dinner tonight. Mmmm, mmm, good.

Alan (is Hungry)

4,096 EC/ day

Phew. I’ve made it through my work week and am to my Tuesday/Wednesday “weekend”. I logged into Entrecard and was shocked to find my ad price for Thin Red Line up to 4,096 EC /day. I don’t think anyone actually bought at 2,048 but apparently four people bought at 512 all at the same time. I am hanging onto the number 3 position in Books, but the top 5 are all within 20 points of each other so lots of ups and downs are possible, though today’s incoming drops are down. /me shrugs

Sam and Rick went off to run an errand. I was supposed to go pick Staci up at 5 pm, but it’s five now and they aren’t back so Ron called to let Staci know I will be a bit late. (Staci was rushing to try to get ready since she was expecting me any minute. I have a whole Bunch of great books on the couch (and have even Read some of them) so I am really hoping to buckle down tonight and tomorrow and post a full week of book posts this week. Tomorrow, I do have an appointment to go pick up my repaired hearing aids and return the loaners, then Wednesday we are going to take Staci to the zoo. That should be fun.

Hope those of you with traditional work schedules are off to a good week.

work today

was thanfully not that bad. My immediate supervisor was Off today (as in at home, not there) and without w0rrying myself about managing Beckie’s perceptions and just Do the job like I’ve done it all along and my three day weekend starts NOW. I am thinking of driving us up to Mount Rainier on Thursday this week (I really want to see the renovations at Paradise Lodge), but Staci will be here then (she is house-sitting at Kathi’s for a couple of weeks) and my little Saturn might be a bit cramped with all four of us in the car.

I suppose I could dig out my calendar and make sure but I think that Staci gets here on Wed and that Kathi leaves for Florida on Friday (0r is Tuesday/Thursday??). Anywho I am looking forward to seeing more of Staci than we did last time, when she was Really bizzy doing Kathi’s major cleaning and clearing out project. Here’s hoping that Staci and Sam hit it off.

time flies

when you’re having fun. Sam has been with us since Tuesday afternoon and we have been treated to eating out and all sorts of other little goodies. I have been very bad and have only published a total of _one_ blog posts. Ironically, while I have not been publishing this week, the books blog went to number one in the Entrecard category, and thanks to some good ad buys, traffic is Way up. Meanwhile I have a full weeks worth of books arranged next to me on the sofa and am hoping to push myself to publish five posts dated this coming Monday through Friday.

The Thursday close–Friday open work sequence was not as bad as usual this week, and I am thankful to be off today. It is cool, clear and very bright and sunny in the PNW today. Ron has a roast beast cooking for tonight’s dinner and I am trying to get to work on the blog posts. Hope you’re all having a happy weekend.

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thursday afternoon feels

like Sunday night. Back to work at 8am tomorrow and I am So not looking forward to it. At least it will be a short week since we are closed Monday. Then Tuesday Sam arrives from Baltimore. I am thinking I will try to get a week’s worth of posts up on TRL on my holiday Monday, since I probably will not have as much time with Sam being here. I finished a wonderful book last night, Dirty Martini by JA Konrath. I will probably blog that one for Monday’s post and I am currently reading a few other books so hopefully by Monday I will have a week’s worth ready to write about.

I was not able to get to sleep until around 5am, then slept til 1pm so I know it will be a bear getting to sleep tonight and getting up at 6am tomorrow for work. The only thing besides blog stuff I really did this weekend was to drive over to the South Hill library branch and browse and borrow from a different collection. On the way back from there we found a Really great barbecue place and had a wonderful late lunch. We will definitely want to go back there while Sam is here.

back on the chain gang

So after ignoring my books blog for almost a full week, I have published Monday and Tuesday posts, dropped about 500 entrecards (over two days) and am trying to get back into the swing of things. Bad news is I dropped down from third to sixth in the Books category, which will really hurt my organic clicks. The slightly better news is that I am less than 100 points behind the third place blog and I’ve a feeling I will get back up in the top three over my three day Tues-Wed-Thurs weekend. The even better news is that even though my EC traffic and drops are way down, my total visitors is actually up a bit, though I haven’t dug into the stats to figure out just why. Meanwhile I have Wed-Thurs-Fri books picked out and mostly read so I will publish a full Monday–Friday week for the first time in ages.

I am contemplating formally declaring myself on vacation for all or part of next month and just letting the blog slide. (Though I shudder to think of how much work it will be to climb back up if I do.) OTOH, our friend Sam is coming out from Baltimore and will be staying with us Sept 2nd– Oct 4th (and may decide to move in with us permanently — YAY!!) and it would be nice to be free of the blog stuff so that I can have more time to visit. Have to contemplate that some more.


I seem to be Really tired A Lot lately. It’s not yet 8pm and I can only just barely keep my eyes open and type this little post. I would think that maybe my blood sugar was messed up or something (I haven’t really been fully compliant on my meds for ages now) but when I checked my sugar was 96, which is to say normal. With seeing Staci on Tuesday and then maybe having a doctor’s appointment to take Ron to on Wednesday, I fear I won’t get much blogging or catch-up resting done.

So I was telling Ron that I was thinking of maybe taking some time off in September when Staci will be here and he reminded me that his (our) friend Sam will be here from Baltimore from Sept 2nd to October 4th. I am really looking forward to spending time with Sam, though I am still thinking that I will take some time off while Staci is here, though I’m not sure how much vaca I have coming since I took off a full week when Ron was in the hospital for his bypass.

And the really sad part about my anxious anticipation of taking vacation while these two dear friends are here to spend time with, is that fact that deep down I suspect what I am really looking forward to is merely the chance to sleep in.