Happy Friday

And a happy Friday to you. I have been busy since the 9pm (Pacific Time) Entrecard day change but am pleased to say I have managed to drop three hundred cards for one blog (none for the other alas) using an excellent drop list I stumbled on the other day at Windmill of My Mind. Most (though sadly not All of the listed sites included on this list have their widgets above the fold or at least just one or two clicks down the page, though occasionally I did run out of patience and give up on a site but even with having to add perhaps ten sites not on the list, I made my three hundred by midnight, freeing me to go to bed. This is critical since I start my Friday–Monday work week at 8am, and I definitely need to try real hard to get some sleep so that I can check in and scan all of tomorrow’s books.

You may have noticed that I’ve been building my own EC drop list in a post below the fold, though I am only up to about 180 sites and dropping there is slower at least for now since i am continually clicking on ads in search of new sites to add to my list (and then adding them right away), which is why doing a similar number of drops early in the week took about four hours longer. I do intend to complete and maintain my own list, but this is very handy to have anohter’s list to rely on when I’m buys and need to complete all dropping quickly.

Here’s wishing you a great weekend.



It’s 4:30am and my thought for the day is that I don’t know how those folks with 5 blogs in the game survive all their dropping. After dropping 160-something credits Twice. Which has taken me from 9pm til 4:20 am (well, that and watching the first 12 episodes of Dallas in an odd DVD-induced flashback to 1978) I am suffering severe “click fatigue” combined with some vague voice of guilt (but did I Really drop Enough???) that I am telling firmly to shut up and get out of my haid.