I survived

the work week, though I was very tired and draggy at work today. the new check in method really has eliminated our backlogged turn around time and hopefully the pressure is back to Off now. I am off tomorrow, Saturday, before heading back to finish my week Sunday and Monday. Other good work news is my supv Approved my vaca request for the Sunday and Monday after Thanksgiving so hopefully Ron and I will be driving over to Boise Tuesday–Tuesday to spend turkey day with Staci and Clint. I am REALLY hoping we get to go.

meanwhile I realize I am back to neglecting This blog and all five of the posts I wrote last week have published and five more are due RSN.



a happy Saturday

and a happy Saturday to you. Work kind of sucked but after it was over, I went and picked up Staci and brought her home and made a wonderful shrimp etouffee. Ron isn’t feeling well and didn’t want any but Staci, Sam and I really enjoyed it. Then Staci and I took a ride to Fred Meyer and bought ice cream. The chocolate cherry nut was So good. Hope your day was good too and check out my new book post over on The Thin Red Line.