I’ve rarely been

more happy to be wrong. I was absolutely shocked that McCain graciously conceded and the presidential election was firmly and clearly decided before midnight eastern time. When I went to bed last night, the word was that Arizona’s same sex marriage ban had passed but California’s had failed. It was a huge disappointment this morning to learn that California voters did in fact vote to deny a basic right to many of their fellow citizens. Closer to home, I was not surprised that the Washington governor’s race was still up in the air. This morning’s surprising news that Republican Dino Rossi has conceded was a relief.

Even more of a relief is that we have for now reached the end of the endless string of negative political commercials that have dominated tee vee for the past I don’t know how long. I’m watching the noon local news and it is so nice to no longer be hearing all those horrible ads. Our long national nightmare will soon be over.

Be Sure To Vote Today

It’s a bit after midnight on election eve. I have dropped my three hundred Entrecards, posted my election day post and have about 8 Entrecard ads running today. I don’t really care if I get up to first place (and Puss Reboots sure is getting a lot of drops!) but staying in the top three is crucial.

Meanwhile despite being tired, having worked all day today, I find I am not sleepy and am guiltily watching a bit of CNN, where the ticker helpfully notes that the first polls will close in just over 14 hours from now. The best prediction I’ve heard so far comes from Nicole at Inspire Emotion who says to watch Virginia, where polls close at 7pm EST (4pm West Coast). If Obama wins in Virginia Nicole predicts he will win the election. If McCain takes Virginia we may be in for a long night.

My personal prediction, after chatting with some friends on Twitter last night is that we will not have a clear winner and resolution of the election on Tuesday night, but will have what it seems to me is now becoming the usual post-election theft of the prize, which will of course play out over Weeks of bickering news coverage.

Here’s hoping Wednesday morning will not feel like a time for angry blogging.