Jambalaya Jumbo Jamboree


I find myself listening today to an old album– Spandau Ballet’s Journeys To Glory.   I vividly remember owning the vinyl 33 1/3 disc,  which these days would seem such an archival object.   I found myself explaining the Way Back Machine Internet Archives over on Holly’s latest guest post about Idealism Vs. Pragmatism.   What this music mostly makes me think of however is a blog post I wrote some years back.   It is always strange it seems to me the things we associate with different pieces of music.    The mind it sometimes seems to me really is an exotic jambalaya of seemingly disparate ingredients which somehow meld into a coherent whole.   Perhaps that is the miracle of life.

In retrospect,  it seems to me that even in those earliest days of the books blog I was mostly writing personal essays.    It seems fitting to me to have finally realized that what I meant to do all along is in fact what I have been doing all along.   Which may also explain why even though it is still December and I have not in fact finished by ‘blog every day in 2012’ jamboree I seem to have already switched to the Monday and Thursday posting schedule that I had been contemplating for next year.    Somehow,  it seems like such a jumbo jolly good idea that I am unable to constrain myself from implementing it right away,  the forfeited 2012 challenge be damned.   I believe that I will be much better able to promote two posts a week and reply to all of the comments I will be able to generate and that I will overall benefit more from this focused activity than by forcing myself to crank out a new post every single day.    I am frankly glad that I gave myself the blog every day in 2012 challenge.   It certainly caused me to look closely at posting frequency and helped me to realize that twice a week is ultimately a much better schedule for me on this blog.    My sincerest thanks to my friend Laura for suggesting today’s words.

so this evening,

Ron’s friend Mike took Ron, Sam and I out to dinner. We went to a place called Jambalaya and it was Really good. I had the most delicious cup of corn chowder to start and it was So flavorful, there were even little crawfish tales cooked up in it. Then for the entree, fried catfish topped with crawfish etouffee over rice. The etouffee was only adequate, but the fish was Really, Really good and I ate every bite. I passed on ordering desert but Ron gave me several bites of his sumptious choclate ice cream pie. A wonderful meal.

So I am home and trying to get into book blogging mode but not having a whole lot of success at that. Oh well. And I am down to number three in Books so not stressing on it anyway. cest la vie.