this seems to be

my week for publishing about review copies. Yesterday I panned Thirteen Reasons Why, a book I wanted to like but just didn’t. Tomorrow I will rave about In The Land Of Invisible Women, then on Friday I have to review Mark LaFlamme’s Dirt, which I REALLY didn’t like. Haven’t yet decided just how negative I am going to be, but it will definitely be a Not Recommended.

Part of me worries that if I continue to pan books I’ve been sent free copies of the publicists will take me off their lists (which would be okay, I suppose) but it seems to me the only thing I really have to sell are my honest opinions and I am not about to recommend a book I don’t actually like.

My vacation is passing all to quickly and I am painfully aware that come Friday morning it will be back to work for me. Thanksgiving was nice, though in the end we didn’t prepare all of the side dishes. Then Sunday night Bob came over and spent the night and that was fun too. Now there is just Christmas to be dealt with.


was a long, super busy week at work, but I have made it through and am now off for a bit of vaca. I do not have to return to work until Friday December 5th. Ron and I had seriously considered driving over to Boise to spend Thanksgiving with Staci and Clint but at length our worries about our 10 year old car going through the passes in winter, combined with our own tight finances caused us to cancel. But I am taking my personal holiday the Sunday after Thanksgiving and a vacation day the Monday after. Since we are closed for paid holiday Thursday and Friday I have a full week of paid time off.

I am hoping to get some rest and to get caught up and posted ahead on the books blog. I have read three books that I need to blog about, including one from a publisher that I have to post about on December 5th as part of a publicity campaign. my blog earnings are still quite small but they are real and are growing. And now with a year and a half of book reviews published I am starting to be taken more seriously as a reviewer and receive free reading copies from publishers and their publicists. It’s a nice perk, and I still enjoy publishing the site most of the time, though it is really hard on work days and particularly if work is really busy.

Our friend Bob is coming over for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. I got a 20lb turkey from Safeway, though we will need to make another grocery run tomorrow. Tonight I am just chilling and unwinding and will try to get into publisher and writer modes tomorrow.