Hello World (The Worst of WP.com on Empire Avenue)

You may recall that I have been really focusing my blogging activity on WordPress.com.   I now have two WP.com blogs hooked up to Empire Avenue.  One of these has more than 500 hundred posts and over a thousand comments,  the other over three hundred posts and I don’t know how many comments.   (Lovely thing that WP.com let’s you simply Import all of the posts and comments from any previous blog you’ve published–  my libdronemuses.com site has only been on WordPress.com for a week or two,  but I have posts here dating back to 2007.

While there was much to like in the theme I defaulted to,  I selected this one which I think much better sets apart this personal blog from my book review site, which is a white theme with moderately colorful accents.   The black on purple background appeals to me,  while my 47 year old eyes appreciate the white background for the main text.    I have spent several hours going through my portfolio recently,   and while I didn’t not get all the way through  (my favorite EAv portfolio management tool, Set Social shows that I still have Pages and Pages to go through).   Every account that has a WP.com badge,  I click through to the blog and Follow it here on WP.com.  But in way, way way too many cases the blog I followed had only one post  (“Hello World!”) and the inimitable tagline “Just Another WordPress Blog”.

It is honestly amazing to me that people who know enough about social media and online presence to have very high Empire Avenue scores in multiple networks would have such a WordPress.com linked to their Empire Avenue account.    Honestly,  if you can’t do it at least decently well,  far better not to be on yet another network.    Although my good friend Michael Q. Todd  disagrees  (Michael insists that you should “claim your name”  on any and all social networks you encounter,  even if only to be able to leave your image and a link to wherever you Most want to direct traffic to.)   Over the going on twenty years that I’ve been online I have seen so many different web sites pop up and then disappear.   Even sites that seemed then as ubiquitous and mandatory as Facebook does now have come and gone.   I know that web communities are fragile.   And that people can and do suddenly simply decide to go offline one day and don’t come back.   Sometimes just for a while.   Sometimes ever.

I believe that anyone who is trying to get serious about social networking actually has to be very selective about where and how they spend their time.   And I believe most clients are best served by trying to focus on a handful of the places where most of their audience is most engaged.   (It’s also important to understand the difference between the people one talks to on Twitter– you won’t get very far if you’re only broadcasting– and Facebook in terms of the different audiences you may reach on each of these must have social networks.)   I honestly don’t believe anyone,  even if they can devote a 40 hour week to their blogging/social networking/activism/etc pursuits could possibly keep up with all of the social media sites that are out htere.    So I decided to offer Michael a bet.   Will he try out Every social network I can throw at him?