Hippo Birdie Two Ewe, Holly

145 LemChocDobCut  ambrosiabakery dot comTempus fugit.   Part of me is kind of shocked to realize it’s been fully a year since I threw a birthday party for my dear friend Holly  right here on this blog.     When I stop and reflect I realize how very much has changed since I faked my way through Holly’s Scavenger Hunt and got over a hundred people to wish her a Happy Birthday.       I can’t say that I regret writing and publishing Why I Don’t Wear A Button Anymore.   But it is clear to me that that post and the discussions that followed it cost me a number of friends.

I’ve given it a lot of thought but have never really reached a firm conclusion.   It does seem to me that friends who fight with each other in your comments section don’t remain friends.    Sometimes it seems to me as though we are so often talking from so far into our own biases that real communication just isn’t possible.     Sometimes I think it just isn’t possible for dykes to get along with conservative old men.    And yet I also think that this is base stereotyping that belittles the real and complicated people who no longer visit my comments section.  People are strange.

I am preparing to start promoting my book in earnest on Monday.   My goal is to sell three hundred copies to newbies,  and I’m sure going to try my damnedest to reach this goal.   My pen name had a very busy night last night and I am pretty much just taking it easy for the weekend.     I am anxious to learn just what is in the box that was delivered to Holly’s house–  even though she’s resolved not to open it and tell us until tomorrow.    I’d greatly appreciate it if you left a comment to wish Holly a happy birthday.     Here’s hoping you are having a peaceful, relaxing weekend as well.


2 comments on “Hippo Birdie Two Ewe, Holly

  1. I remember that cake, Alan! (And I still have not tasted its IRL equivalent, which may be just as well for my diet!) I’m kind of sorry that I didn’t do a Scavenger Hunt this year, but honestly – choosing a winner from among friends who gave me fun entries was painful, almost physically so. But that was so much fun!

    Thank you.

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