Five Ways To Help

Avenue cover1Walking Down The Avenue version 2.0 is now available in the Amazon Kindle store and from Smashwords.    I am so grateful to all of my #GANGSTA friends,  especially those who beta read the new book and provided very valuable feedback.   I am also most grateful to everyone who has agreed to help me promote this book to new Empire Avenue users.     Here are five great ways you can help me do just that:

1)  Recommend Walking Down The Avenue to new players.   If you frequently invest in brand new players,   please leave shout outs suggesting the book.  For example:

“Welcome to Empire Avenue.   If you have questions or find it confusing,  check out this guidebook   It’s a quick and easy read that takes most of the learning curve out of Empire Avenue”

2)  Always use the book’s URL when mentioning it.   By simply omitting the spaces and adding  .com  Walking Down The Avenue  becomes   Getting this URL widely in front of folks’ eyes will help to drive traffic to the site.

3)  If you’ve read the book,  either by a privately distributed Word doc or by purchasing it from Smashwords or Amazon,   please leave a review.   If you purchased the book from Amazon or Smashwords,   please leave the review on the site you purchased from.    Reviews on the book’s sales pages definitely help build credibility and encourage sales.    If you did not purchase the book,   please leave your review  here.    You need not write a long and complex book review.   Just a sentence or two about how you found the book helpful or why you recommend that new users read it would be just great.

4)  Look for missions that promote this book.    Some of my #GANGSTA buddies are wealthy in Empire Avenue terms and will be running some missions to help promote this book.    By participating in missions you can help with the book promotion and gain a few eaves at the same time.

5)  Join us in the #GANGSTAS  community on Empire Avenue.    We hope to make this community a friendly and welcoming place for new users who have #EAv questions.    By participating,   you will help to make the message board a true community.   You may also meet some great people and have fun as well.

Thanks so much to each and every person who has read and helped to promote this book since I first wrote and released it back in  June 2011.


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