Lent1I hope it was a happy Mardi Gras for you,  wherever you are and however (if ever) you celebrated  fat Tuesday,  the last day of Carnival.     Growing up in New Orleans one becomes aware at an early age of the idea of  ‘a time and place’ for different parts of life.   That Carnival is a six week festival of very public partying and revelry that culminates on Mardi Gras,  is somehow balanced by the six weeks of Lent which immediately follow.    I don’t know if really serious Christians still fast for Lent,  but Lent is a season of sacrificing and giving up pleasures.   In our modern world of 24 hour mega stores where pretty much everything can be bought pretty much any time,  it is easy to forget how Lent fit into the leanest days of the year in more agrarian times as the bounty of the harvest runs out and people wait hungrily for the first green shoots of spring.

I’m feeling a lot of gratitude to two big G’s in my life–  Remco Geelen and Michelle Gilstrap.   Both of these wonderful friends put up missions to get folks to invest in me.   While I have not yet made the two scoops of centurian thingy,  my share price is up to 196.97.    I remember when I went over 100 way back when,  it will take days to get within striking distance and then it will happen quite quickly.    But whatever my share price,  the real value is having great friends who take it upon themselves and go out of their way to help you.   I am more grateful to thse folks than I can ever express.

My own resolution for Lent is to give up the Just Three Word thingy.   I did have a lot of fun with it,  but it has begun to grow a bit stale for me.    And even when I manage to do a good job with the three reader-selected words du jour,  those posts are not usually very engaging and don’t often draw a lot of comments and discussion.     What about you?   Are you giving anything up for Lent?   If you are,  do you allow yourself to indulge in what you have given up on Sundays?  (When I was growing up in New Orleans,  most people it seemed to me did not keep to their Lenten deprivations on Sundays.)   Please leave a comment and let us know what you’re giving up for Lent.


10 comments on “Lent

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  2. I have in the past for a period of almost 1.5 years No Smoking ( Guessing 6th Nov 2007 to Jan 15th 2009) before i gave in. I remember the dates so well cause I stopped along with another friend. Since then nothing of note. And nothing now either

  3. Laura should probably be the one to explain this, but let me give a stumbling try. Lent is 40 days of fasting, but the early church did not fast on the Lord’s Day. Worship focused on the Eucharist, the communal meal/celebration. If you do the math, the 40 days of Lent does not include the Sundays during the season.

    I have handled my Lent a bit differently in recent years. Giving up a food or beverage had little impact for me; so I have instead worked on some small social good projects during the season. I guess to keep it traditional, I am giving up some time.

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