Chihuahua Monitor Gold

jim nabors  honorary marineGomer Pyle got married.   The Seattle Times reports that Jim Nabors,  the actor and singer best known for his portrayal of Gomer Pyle USMC,  recently visited Seattle where he and his long time male partner took advantage of Washington’s new gay marriage law to legally wed.   I don’t believe that I had ever heard before that Nabors is gay.   Having come of age in an era when the only gay men most folks encountered were drag queens (rather the antithesis of the big butch Marine) the news of Nabors’  gay wedding struck a chord with me.    A bit of Googling revealed that Nabors is an honorary Marine.   He is pictured at ceremony in Hawaii in 2007 when the U.S. Marines promoted him to the rank of honorary corporal.    I can’t help but wonder if the Marines,  who praised Nabors for his lifetime of service and embodiment of  Marine Corps ideals,  were aware of his sexuality.

Were Nabors canine rather than human,  I feel certain he would be not a tiny chihuahua but a huge St. Bernard–clumsy and goofy and very friendly and lovable.    I do remember watching Gomer Pyle on television as a child,  and I was aware of Nabors’ prolific career as a recording artist,  although I can’t honestly claim to have ever been a big fan of his singing.   (He does have a beautiful deep voice,  but I was much more into rock and pop styles that became popular well after his hey day.)   It appears as though Nabors (who is 82 years old) has been retired from show business for some time.   It sounds as though he and his husband have lived quietly in Hawaii for many years now,  no longer monitored by the paparazzi and gossip mongers who so relentlessly track celebrities.

I started working on a new short story.   I was reading the newspaper and getting very agitated.   Ron remarked that my distress was painful to watch and gently reminded me of the advice I’ve previously given him–  to write about what’s bothering you.   It’s good advice,  even given back.   I strongly suspect the finished product will not be worthy of a gold star,  though I suspect I will probably publish it in this space.    And who knows but that someone may read it.   And agree.  Or disagree.  Or be pleased. Or pissed.    Finally today my thanks to A A Tech who suggested today’s words.


One comment on “Chihuahua Monitor Gold

  1. I’m looking forward to reading your short story.

    Nabors is one of those folks I think I grew up knowing was gay (like Liberace) and it didn’t confuse or give me pause because neither needed a label and it hadn’t yet occurred to me that they were “supposed to be” otherwise – unlike the hippy guy at the Kent State book store, back when I was five or six, who had hair down to his butt and an effeminate face, and confused even my mother when I asked if he was a boy or a girl. Some people just are what they are, and that’s as it should be. Better for everyone when people can be “out” and natural and real, because that’s only confusing to idiots, I think. 🙂 Children “get it.” They haven’t yet been indoctrinated into the herd mentality. They can ride unicorns and have long conversations with imaginary friends, so why would someone being gay faze them in the least?

    I haven’t outgrown my love of unicorns or imaginary friends, and I don’t recall ever being the least bit flustered by anyone’s sexual identity or orientation, either. I wonder, sometimes, how I managed to avoid that bias – I didn’t grow up in a vacuum, after all. But neither did I grow up around fear or outright hatred of anyone who was “different” from me – no one taught me that, growing up. They may not have been 100% accepting, and may even have clucked disapproval, but never in a way that didn’t leave me free to judge for myself. And I count myself lucky that I didn’t have any early negative encounters with people that would leave me fearful, distrustful, and hating anyone based on gender, race, or sexual orientation – I think that’s the key, right there.

    I see Gomer Pyle as a happy Basset Hound, if such a thing exists. And yes, he’s got an AMAZING voice – truly AWESOME. If all you’ve ever heard is Gomer Pyle, and then you hear him sing something like Amazing Grace, it can make you cry. I’m glad that he lived long enough to marry his partner. I wish that could have happened sooner, for so many couples, but it makes me smile to see old folks finally able to marry the people they’ve been married to, in their hearts, for so long. Like so many private, personal things, it should always have been a choice. Others don’t have to agree, churches don’t have to be complicit – but we needn’t stand in the way of anyone’s happiness if it doesn’t hurt us.

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