Verdant Vivacious Alive


Vivid.   A word that suggests bright bold colors and sharp, well-defined flavors.    As my friend Wayne Hurlbert no doubt understands, a vivid painting can be truly re-vivifying.    I am contemplating ‘v’ words today on a suggestion from my friend Ruth.    I don’t own a Volkswagen and have never committed any acts of vivisection.    Frankly,  winter is the wrong time to see verdant green fields and forests.   Although they are no doubt visible in the other hemisphere right now,  and perhaps in more temperate parts of this hemisphere.    Soon enough it will be spring and verdant patches will break out all over.

The word vivacious has me thinking of a woman named Vivienne.   For a time she published a blog called The Eavesdrop Writer.    She had a real talent for over-hearing conversations and using them in short stories.     I remember a contest she ran,  asking her readers to complete a story she started.    I also remember sharing giggles with her over my review of a children’s science book about poop.    And then one day,  it seems she just stopped updating her blog and I never heard from her again.   Sadly,  that is what happens with most blogs.   However much attention and however many acquaintances a blogger may have made,  most times most blogs just stop getting updated.    They hang on as not very vivacious ghosts,  kept alive by the powers that be at Google and WordPress.    To me there is something deeply depressing about an abandoned blog.

Amazingly,  I made it through the level I had been stuck on in Angry Birds only a couple of days after getting my new tablet.   I am so genuinely pleased with my little tabby,  and have resolved never to take it to bed with me.    When it is not in my hands being used,   I keep it on the little tablet stand on the end table,  where it is ever ready to provide me with another round of shooting birds to smash wood and ice and kill little green slugs,  or to allow me to read from what seems an almost endless selection of wonderful new books.     Here is hoping that this finds a fantastic new week off to a good start in your world.    I for one am happy to be alive today.


15 comments on “Verdant Vivacious Alive

  1. As always exquisitely chosen topic for discussion and reflection. Maybe we all want more spring than winter, and maybe we are all happy that we are alive today. Best of luck. Thank you.

  2. Its hard to keep blogs fresh and updated. We all start out with good intentions and usually good content to share but the well runs dry, or other issues prevail.

  3. You’ve shown that V can be a virtuous letter — not only standing for Vendetta. They carry volume when so many are together. I thought something was up when I counted 4 in the title.

  4. Ah, I’m one of those who has an abandoned blog. I was very active until I began to acquire readers…that made me self-conscious about my writing and I got writer’s block. Maybe people have forgotten about it at this point and I can go back and continue writing about whatever I’m thinking about. ; )

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