Garden Bay Palm

800px-New_Orleans_1977_Canal_Street_at_Royal_with_three_streetcarsI find myself this Friday luxuriating in the garden of tablet owners.   Less than a day after receiving my new tablet (my Third tablet if anyone is counting) I am back at the level I had been stuck on in Angry Birds and have started re-reading Jenn Thorson’s There Goes The Galaxy.   I am listening to an old Lene Lovich album and thinking to myself  ‘life is good’.

I honestly have no idea what this 1971 photograph of New Orleans,  showing the intersection of Canal and Royal Streets, looking towards the lake has to do with the search terms ‘garden bay palm’,  and yet this image showed up in my Wikimedia search for these terms.    The picture certainly brings back memories for me.   Although not until many years after the date shown,  I worked for years at a Waldenbooks store that was one block down,  along the right hand side of the street.    Rather like David McAlary’s mother in Treme,  I came to take the streetcars rather for granted.    Although at some suitable elementary school age I had a birthday party on the streetcar.    All of the parents brought the children to the streetcar barn where we boarded and were taken for a a round trip all over town.   We had cake, ice cream and presents on board and all enjoyed a birthday party travelling the streets of New Orleans.

I find myself wondering if perhaps it is the palm tree (mostly hidden behind the stop light and no left turn sign) that caused this image to come up.   There are lots of palm and banana trees in New Orleans,  though I more associate giant oak trees like those that line St. Charles Avenue as the iconic trees of New Orleans,  which lies between a big river and a big lake.   It is a ways inland from the Gulf of Mexico,  a sea much too large to be called a mere bay.     Here’s hoping you’ve had a great week and that it’s a happy weekend in your world.   And finally today my thanks to David Forbes who suggested today’s words.


2 comments on “Garden Bay Palm

  1. I have been to New Orleans a few times in my life although I would have enjoyed growing up there as opposed to OKC with its tornadoes and severe weather every spring and fall. Of course I realize New Orleans has Hurricanes so it is not with out bad weather, but the food and the music, wow. thanks for your wonderful post Alan.

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