Laundry Vacuum Maid

laundry vacuum maid

The real problem, honestly,  is that we don’t have and can’t afford to get a maid.   I have mentioned before that I am a bit of a slob,  and I hesitate to tell outsiders about Mount Laundry.   Making it my New Year’s resolution to bring down Mount Laundry–  which is almost certainly both more useful and more doable than last year’s resolution to blog every day in 2012.   So I bought eighty dollars worth of quarters and am committed to continuing to do a few loads at a time until such time as all of the closets and dressers and cabinets are filled with clothes and there are only a few empty baskets where Mount Laundry now towers threateningly in the corner of the bedroom.  Or until I run out of quarters.   (My late huzband Joel worked at times for both Eddie Bauer and London Fog and bought rather an awful lot of very nice clothes both for himself and for me.    It is a sad fact that too many nice clothes can be a real burden when it comes to keeping up at the coin laundry.)

I have started editing the manuscript of last year’s blog posts and am considering calling the book Poking Straight Guys On Facebook.    It is such a provocative title,  and I do think that the title essay is a good centerpiece to build the volume around.     I have a great deal more copy to edit and plenty more time to think carefully about what I want to do with the material as a book.     In looking back at the essays I published in the early part of 2012,  it was somewhat startling to me to notice in the comments so many faces that have dropped by the wayside and off my own personal radar.   It almost seems as though the audience that I am attracting now is mostly a completely different audience than the one I was attracting last January.    I’m reminded again of the old saying about ‘three steps forward,  two steps back’.    It does seem to me sometimes that those are the basic steps to life’s dance.    It’s good to remember that if you stick with them,  you always end up one more step ahead.

I tend to suspect that my friend  Sharon,  who writes about her life as a mom to several kids in a laugh out loud funny manner reminiscent of the late, great Erma Bombeck,  probably does a much better job of keeping her house clean– the amazing accidents and incidents with her family not withstanding.   I honestly don’t know why Sharon assigned me these words.   I’m sure if she were assigned to blog on these three words she would come up with a long and hilarious piece,  perhaps about how the maid did come and the house looked staged and ready to slip the chocolate chip cookies in the oven before the open house and her kids managed to un-do 300 dollars of professional cleaning within 30 seconds after the maid left.   If you’re not already familiar with Sharon’s writing,  do take a few minutes to visit Sharon’s Mom’s Madhouse.   It really is a hoot.


5 comments on “Laundry Vacuum Maid

  1. Alan! How did I miss this post? You never told me you took those silly, three random words I picked last year. Only now, the day after you’ve passed, does someone show this to me. Alan…I’ll miss you sooooo much!

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