Beware Of Desperate Steps

Happy New Year!   I am am more relieved and grateful than I can say to finally be past the blog every day in 2012 challenge.     Going forward I will be writing my essays-articles-3 words-whatevers on Mondays and Thursdays.    On Tuesdays,  I will be linking you to posts on my friend Laura Sykes’ blog Ratiocinativa.   On Fridays I will be linking you to gorgeous images from my friend Wayne Hurlbert’s blog Fine Art, Music and Books where Wayne shares all sorts of incredible paintings from many different periods and in many different styles.   Wayne is very knowledgeable about art movements and history and presents great art in a way that is very approachable for almost anyone.    As for Wednesdays and weekends,   I may or may not post as it strikes me but I’m not actually planning to.  Click the image to read Laura’s post Beware Of Desperate Steps.    Here’s wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013.


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