A Gentleman’s C

gentlemans c293/366  which comes out to 80%.   That is my final score on the blog every day in 2012 challenge I set for myself at the beginning of the year.      Trying to write and publish a new post every day actually proved to be far more challenging than I ever imagined when I set out to do it.     While I am a bit appalled at the huge number of times I really didn’t say anything but that I was having a bad bi-polar day,  I am genuinely proud of many of the 293 posts that I published over the course of the 366 days in 2012.    I don’t yet know whether I will attempt to gather these posts into a book.     I am resolving not to brashly resolve and announce anything about that.     Though I do think it may be a possibility.

These blog posts are definitely a peculiar blend of personal diary,  advice and commentary about blogging, writing and social media, and the popular Just Three Words feature,  which I implemented in May,  following a great chance suggestion from my friend Lindy.   But what to call the book?    Since the three word gimmick doesn’t even come into play until almost half way through I don’t think it would work well to call the book Just Three Words.  Offhand I am unable today to think of other titles.    Looking back over some of the posts,  I am just amazed at all of the great comments I received,  and all of the people I got to meet and chat with.    It really has been an amazing year on the blog.     Here’s wishing you and your family a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.


72 comments on “A Gentleman’s C

    • I am still thinking about the title, Thomas. I have actually started copying and pasting posts into a document and am going to take a serious look at editing it into a book.

  1. Blogging each day is a challenge, though if you mix it up with an image or quote on occasion it makes it easier .. Happy New Year and here’s to 2013’s resolutions

    • well, as of now I am once a week re-blogging from a friend who specializes in images and another who specializes in quotes. I think I will be able to write and promote two original posts each week much more easily than trying to do one every day 🙂

  2. My only blogging resolution is to “try harder” to “blog regularly.” And to be truer to myself – to not clutter my new blog with a bunch o’ crap. (Although some of my readers do enjoy my crap – they can enjoy it just as well on my facebook wall, I think… wait, no, that’s not the right attitude, either! LOL)

    • oh Holly. Please don’t look to me to come up with the right attitude. I am going to try hard to stick to my announced Monday and Thursday schedule for new posts, but I am so not going to stress about it. (I do LOVE your new theme and the very solid new articles you’ve been posting in your new template)

  3. I went for a few years getting a blog post up every day. it was good discipline for my writing, but there was a lot of junk out there as well. This coming year, I’m working at improving the quality as opposed to the quantity of my blog posts. Over the past year, they’ve become fewer, but I’m hoping they are becoming more engaging.

    Happy New Year!

    • Aldon, you and Holly both seem to be working on a quality over quantity theme for the new year. It seems to me that the quality of my posts has varied a great deal from excellent to kinda sucked at different times. I’d love to resolve to work more quality….and yet I know that if I stick with a schedule, some days will definitely be better and worse than others.

    • mmmm. I am aware that grade scales vary and that in some instances 80% would be classified as a C+ or even a B- I chose to regard it a bit more conservatively and called it a solid C. Harold, I am very excited about all of the WordPress.com blogs you and several of our other friends have begun focusing on. I will definitely be featuring content from all of your sites both in what I write and on the days when I don’t write and just link to other people’s blogs.

  4. Happy new year Alan! I agree with Harold. You did well. I know how difficult it is to write a blog post every day. However, I like your title. I have not heard the term “Gentleman’s C” for a long time. Maybe it is because I am now out of the academic world or maybe there are not as many gentlemen? 😉

    • Buddy, I don’t honestly know whether gentlemen are more or less common than they used to be. It has been decades since I was in college myself so I have no clue if the term retains any currency with folks who are in college now.

    • Buddy, I would vote for optimistic but not aggressive. Set a goal that will not be easy for you to reach. Then do your best with it, but don’t beat yourself when you fall short. Trying to blog every day is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever tried.

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