74 (or so) Awkward Words

awkward3-300x300Part of me thinks it’s kind of silly to have noticed that my Klout went up to 74,  even though my Empire Avenue scores are not going up lately.     I definitely feel more than a little bit weird writing about my “influence”  on a day when lots of my social media friends are writing at times eloquent and angry reactions to the news of the Connecticut shootings while others have announced they will not post today out of respect for the victims.   I can kind of understand the urge to withdraw and not try to promote other content and conversation when lots of folks are trying to process horrible news.    And yet sitting down and shutting up hardly seems to be a very constructive response to tragedy.   This is I’m afraid a bit more than 74 words.    But the 74 word idea really got me going today.   Thus I am keeping it.   Even though this post is almost 150 words.


3 comments on “74 (or so) Awkward Words

  1. I am right with you Alan that I’m in shock and just reading everyone’s blog tonight. I don’t feel like doing much for myself. I’m so sad and yet slightly glad that my daughter had finished school, not that it means any of us are safe in today’s society. Malls , theaters, parking lots, freeways, anyplace can be a location for someone’s rampage. Yes gun control needs to be addressed, but how will it ? Criminals always wind up with them and those of us who need to protect ourselves will not have what we need. A Quandry for sure.

    • Both gun control and mental health care are both such easily contentious hot button issues that I find myself frankly unwilling to even attempt to comment on my reactions to this horror. It is almost mind-numbing in its scale.

  2. I have made three starts toward a reflection on the Sandy Hook and not been able to piece together anything worthwhile. It made my Sunday School lesson a bit anxious…perhaps that is where I should start.

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