WHAT Kind of Adultery?

adulteryIt seems to me serendipitous that my decision to focus more on promoting and curating other peoples’ content was made at more or less the same time that several of my friends have started focusing effort on their own WordPress.com  sites.    My friend Harold Gardner has a particularly effective effort and I have been most pleased at a number of his posts.   I particularly like the way he uses provocative key words,  like adultery,  in pieces that do not actually deal with the risque subject matter.  It reminded me rather fondly of my own piece How To Explode Your Twitter Following,  which did not actually include instructions for doing what the title suggested.   Among bloggers this is known as creatively exploiting keywords 🙂   Do take a look at Harold’s blog.    And leave a comment about your most outrageous key word usage.


2 comments on “WHAT Kind of Adultery?

  1. Alan I certainly appreciate your kind support of my halting efforts. I find your comment about the provocative key words a bit funny. I enjoy playing with words and pushing around meanings a bit. I don’t do that to game search engines; rather I do it to game folks’ brains. I want to entice folks into actually thinking rather than skimming to easy assumptions.

    But you have put this idea into my head; so I am sure thinking about it now…thanks…

    • The neat thing is that to a large extent the degree to which you succeed in engaging with an audience, the better you will do with any key word games you play, whether intentionally or inadvertantly 🙂

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