We’ll have to muddle through somehow

I found myself thinking today that it is getting on towards Christmas time.    And more so than most any other Christmas song,   Judy Garland’s rendition of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas  (in the film Meet Me In St. Louis)  really kind of nails Christmas for me.   One year my late huzband Joel took me to Disneyland for Christmas.   He didn’t actually say a word about the trip until the night before we left,  and I so vividly remember sitting in the airport on a stormy Christmas Eve,  checked in and waiting for our flight to California as a group of musician’s played this song.      The trip sadly was rather less than a triumph.    The Christmas crowds at Disneyland were truly daunting  (we had much better luck visiting Disneyland at Haloween,  when it was actually quiet) and Joel got sick.    The flight attendants gave him oxygen on the trip home and an ambulance met the flight when we arrived back in Seattle.   The phrases  “if the fates allow”  and  “muddle through somehow”  seem to me the really crucial ones.    So here’s hoping that the fates allow you to be with the people you love and care for this holiday season.   And that we all muddle through as best we can.     Seasons Greetings!


31 comments on “We’ll have to muddle through somehow

    • Yes, the song is very bittersweet. The tone and sound remain so beautiful but the words…..seem very fraught with fate and chance and make no promises. It’s not just a simple Christmas carol.

  1. Thanks for the post and sharing your heart. Christmas should be a day of remembrance for those religious folks, and a day of love, acceptance and gratitude that needs to spread into our everyday lives for all.

  2. That song is so great, that it actually transcends the “holiday music” tag and moves into the realm of the true classics. Judy Garland’s incredible vocals add such a sadness and yet such power to the lyrics as well.

    Happy Yuletide.

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