Diarrhea Elbow Fart

farting diarrhea

I must admit it gives me pause,  to realize that this blog is developing a bit of a reputation for dealing with uhh alimentary and digestive functions that mostly are not fit topics for polite discussion.  (Thinking of a post about animal excrement and a more recent outing on vomit.)    Then here today I am faced with diarrhea as a key word.     Frankly I was relieved that there were no graphic photographs of this phenomenon to be found in the first several pages of images results.    I did think that this photograph of a “medium spicy” luncheon that a blogger in China ordered at a Sichuanese restaurant (yes,  those are all chili peppers) looked more than revolting enough to stand in for explosively expelled excrement.

It is not my elbows that hurt,  but my upper arms.    I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday.   The doc is mostly pleased that my blood pressure and diabetes seem to be well controlled.   However it was time for me to have three inoculations,  for flu and a couple of other things.   After she have me the three shots– two in one arm and one in the other arm,  the nurse warned me that the injection sites would be painful for three or four days.   Boy, she wasn’t kidding.    My arms kind of hurt every time I move them.   (I feel fortunate at the moment that I know how to type properly and only move my fingers in the process.   Just carrying a plate of food across the room hurt.   Though perhaps not nearly as much as all of those peppers might hurt one’s palate.)

The word fart actually makes me think of an expression my late father taught me a long, long time ago.   ‘Thought thought he fart, but he shit in his pants’.   It’s certainly expressive,  though perhaps a bit rude.    Asking who cut the cheese might be more polite,  and I suspect most folks would understand what was actually being referred to.    If you have a few spare minutes,  you might want to check out my friend Wayne Hurlbert’s new blog,  where it appears he will be sharing lots of images of great paintings.   Through his Facebook postings,  Wayne has already introduced me to a great deal of wonderful, classic art and I am very much looking forward to his posts on Fine Art, Music and Books.   And finally today, my thanks to  Allen Wagner who suggested these three words.


3 comments on “Diarrhea Elbow Fart

  1. How odd…I thought the chili peppers looked delicious! Though they might hurt on both ends…

    And Alan, really. Asking “Who cut the cheese?” is never polite. Never. If you have to compare its relative politeness with something else, and it comes out the winner, you’re hanging with the wrong crowd.

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