Mindfulness Orange Trickle-Down

mindfulness orange trickel down

For some reason I am thinking today about Dan Castellaneta (the voice of Homer Simpson) doing a Homeric take off on Kermit the frog’s song ‘It’s Not Easy Being Orange’.    It’s not easy to write post after post after post about just three words either.   I really was so excited when I happened upon the idea,  and I have in fact had a lot of fun with it at times.   But honestly it’s come to feel a bit old to me and I have just about decided that I will soon no longer do every post as Just Three Words.   Part of me is a little bit frightened of giving up a gimmick that has mostly worked well for me.   And yet I fear I really am becoming  a bit stale with the the three word gimmicks and I frankly feel as though I am reaching if not the end of my Just Three Words posts at the very least time for an extended vacation.

I actually really do try to be mindful of the people who read my posts and to provide at least some value in each post that I write.   I’ve honestly never really though of myself as writing for any particular audience,  though I do try hard to get to know people who read and comment on my posts.    So much of what blog promotion really is ultimately boils down to reciprocity.   If you visit other blogs and leave good comments and back links to your blog,  you will very likely get visitors who will leave comments and back links to their blogs.    The more you give, generally,  the more you get.

I have been thinking about possibly going forward,  probably after January 1st and the end of my blog every day challenge,  beginning to feature a fairly steady stream of high quality curated content,  probably for the most part from other blogs,  presented in a way that is respectful and is not spammish. I know that I have at times been fairly critical of folks who re-purpose content rather than creating original content.    I do think that alternating my original posts with publishing images,  brief summaries and links to other people’s content might provide a richer experience for my readers while being more compliant with the simple fact that I have found that I truly am not up to writing an original post every single day.    Part of me is embarrassed to admit how very much I have failed at the write and publish every day in 2012 meme I pledged this year.     And I’m honestly not even sure that I will wait until January to begin experimenting with trickle down  curated content.

And finally today,  my sincerest thanks to my friend Craig Daniels who suggested today’s three words.


34 comments on “Mindfulness Orange Trickle-Down

  1. Of course we’ve already talked about this, so it seems a little odd to rehash it here – but the posts I most enjoy are the ones where it’s the real you hangin’ out with the real us. The three-words thing is great, when you really make an effort to weave them together – maybe to make some unexpected connection between them. I’m endlessly amused by the images you find to represent the entry (and glad, I think, that you occasionally override the rule of “first up”). I can generally tell, though, when it’s a “reach” and your heart’s just not in it. (I’d have the same problem; I’ve always admired Justin’s – Dragonblogger’s – ability to take 10 or so random words tossed his way in Twitter and come up with extemporaneous poetry the same day, usually without sounding like he’s just groaning on the inside at the thought of it. I couldn’t do it, and I certainly couldn’t keep it up day after day. The novelty – and my enthusiasm – would wear thin quickly. And it would happen MORE quickly if I imposed doing it on myself as a “rule.”

    You know that I could probably write a novelette from the blurb on a cereal box if someone threw it out there as a challenge at just the right moment (like, when I’m really, really, really BORED). But I would not want to do the same thing every day. And my readers probably wouldn’t want me to (although I think more than a few might wish for a BIT of regularity in topic or posting frequency than I dish up).

    The ONLY value in “curated content” – in my opinion – is the curator’s input as to what it is and why I should care. For example, pretend that you are the curator of a small art gallery online. Explain THIS to me (because no one has yet managed it, to my satisfaction): http://www.artic.edu/aic/collections/artwork/61748

    CURATE, don’t rehash. 😉

    • Well….honestly, this post is only Half based on the conversation I was having with you. I had another great conversation last night and find myself wanting to at least dip a little toe into the whole curatorial thing. What I’m thinking is that if I can use great images from great posts, and write a quirky, very Alanesque blurb about why the content is worth clicking through to…..it might work well. Maybe.

      • Yes, the whole concept depends on “quirky, very Alanesque blurbs about why the content is worth clicking through to.” That’s the crux of it, right there. That’s what keeps ME reading.

  2. Thanks Alan. I have enjoyed reading your three word posts and think that it is a great technique for a writing starter. I am doing a bit of ax sharpening by producing two or three posts a week. I think that may exceed my my time and energy fairly quickly; so I certainly appreciate the difficulty of a daily post.

    I guess I will conclude by musing “orange” you glad you gave your challenge a try?

    • Harold, I am absolutely positively thrilled I gave the challenge a try. And while I didn’t do what I set out to do, I’m actually fairly proud of what I actually did, and try hard to refuse to cry over spilt milk. (or blog posts that just didn’t get written). I hope that you and my other friends will give me some feedback as I experiment with curated content and try to figure out what might work well for me and for the readers I’ve managed to attract and retain.

      • The rest of us secretly despise the superhuman bloggers who don’t stumble along the path just a little, and suspect them of banking guest posts bought on Fiverr when they manage to post daily, on schedule, through thick and thin. So no, don’t cry – and I won’t cry over the fact that I only posted about five pictures in my Project 365 thing. Or that I still have to finish this @#$% story before the end of the year, and it’s turning into a novel that may take another year to finish…

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  4. Wow, can’t believe you’re getting into such a tangle over blogging every day!
    It would be really difficult without the constraints you added… obviously it’s possible, but add anoher constraint that it can’t be rubbish and it enters a whole new ball game.
    Good on you for perservering! But elegantly and carefully chosen curated objectsis a perfect way to flesh out a blog in an interestinmg way.

  5. I have never looked at the three word concept to be gimmicky at all. I have found them to be wonderfully put together and entertaining. I do not swing by daily to check them out, but I will indeed miss them.
    All to you and yours this holiday season.
    Bill and friends of Bewitched.

    • Bill, I totally understand that almost no one could swing by and check out a new post every single day. I can’t honestly say that I check out Anyone’s blog every day, though I do try to visit my friends’ blogs and to leave comments, but frankly it’s time consuming and I don’t always do nearly as good a job at it as I would like.

  6. Hi i’m fairly new to writing and blogs like this really help, I am trying to make a pledge to write a fresh article/post on my site 5 times a week every week next year, 250 posts, can I do it? I think curated material will feature in mine. I love some of the material in your blog. Keep it up

    • Good luck! IMHO, 5 times per week/250 a year would be very nearly as challenging as the blog every day goal I set out with this year. If you can manage it, I will be very impressed.

  7. I give you credit for you output. I am not a blogger but from time to time do get asked to guess blog. I turn down 80% of these and do so only when I must. When I do have to write something it is like childbirth, and not from the side I have experiences but the hard part with all the pushing and screaming.
    For me the only time I ever enjoy writing is when the urge just hits me and I write.

    • Dan, I seem to be able to get in a mood to enjoy writing a great deal more easily than you do. I do have some experience forcing out words to meet deadlines, and if it were a question of factual articles about UK tourist destinations, 500 words each for $5 I could just force myself to sit down and crank it out. These personal essay/personal journal pieces….I can’t just force myself to crank them out when I’m not in the mood to.

  8. It is a hard work posting every day. Big challenge. So, congrats, you did it. And about curating: I find it also a challenge, if you want to do a good stuff, because, it’s not just to find some article, it’s more about your comment .

    • I’m not actually going to count and see where I stand in terms of the 366 posts I had pledged to post this year. Sometime in January I will look and see how many posts I published and calculate a score. I suspect I will probably have a “gentleman’s C” as my grade on the daily challenge.

  9. well – for a minute i thought it was going to be a rant on a certain French wireless phone company – but no – it’s Alan’s three word challenge. Definitely get what you are saying – I too dont write for an audience – I write for me – and then who knows – people might come by and comment. So I dont use a catch. I dont expect comments. I don’t really seek anything – which is good – because it sums up my blogging experience.

    All that said – I am trying to get better at posting and writing more to the blogs. I have founf this year that I am dropping more and more into the Facebook graph – because it is so easy to do – but then you loose the context, relevance and even history.

    I also wrote this just the other day – related ?


    • The French have a phone called Orange? (I had no idea. I am severely hearing impaired and I do not use phones of any kind. At all.) Blogging can become a habit. My friend Bev (http://funnytheworld.com) has been posting every day in her personal journal for more than ten years now. She was doing a phenomenal personal blog long before anyone coined the term blog. (Honestly, I don’t know how she does it.)

  10. I welcome whatever you bring. The gift of writing is amplified by writing in a style that is comfortable for the author. I will accept that you know best and simply state that you have a loyal follower in me. Thanks

  11. I love reading many of your posts, Alan. Today’s is no exception. I also originally misunderstood the challenge to be to me, instead of to you, so I commented in a way that would weave the 3 challenge words together. Anyway, there is a time to do something, to do it well, and then there is another time to move on, to further excel. Don’t lock yourself into a box, especially when it comes to relying on one’s inspiration and creativity. I look forward to reading about everything you choose to do, whatever you do in the future, since we already share a connection that started right here. Cheers, my friend.

  12. Alan, I really enjoy your three word posts. They are both interesting and thought provoking, and that is a rarity these days. The three word posts provide some of the most intriguing and deeply personal posts anywhere. That unique and fascinating voice will be lost with mere curation of content. That sort of posting can be found anywhere. The three word posts are one of a kind.

  13. Alan your three words is unique and also have been a big hit with your readers. Sometimes change can be good and sometimes not so good. You clearly have the qualities of an excellent writer to be able to try something new and striking the right balance with your readers. Good luck with this.

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