Diagnostic Territory Sharing

“..the jelly doesn’t really “swirl” per se. It’s kinda clumpy…”

Honestly,  it took quite a lot of scrolling before I finally stumbled upon Sarah’s picture of Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars,  in my image search for  Diagnostic Territory Sharing.     There were lots of charts and diagrams and lots of people,  but very few food images.    I have to admit that at first glance this picture looked to me like something raw that needed to be baked.   It was only after reading the post that I realized the under layer is a baked peanut butter cookie crust,  topped with peanut butter infused frosting into which jelly or jam is swirled.    I found myself thinking that Sarah was probably right that first heating up the jelly would probably make it swirl better.

I really do like the way this Just Three Words project keeps leading me to discovering and sharing other bloggers like Sarah.    I tend to most often associate the word diagnosis with medicine.   Doctors are trained to diagnose and treat illnesses.    Though I suppose that every technical support agent taking calls is (to some degree or another) trained to diagnose issues with hardware and software and to talk end users through solutions.    In fact,  the word can be applied to almost any instance in which someone is trying to figure out what the problems are in order to fix them.

The word territory it seems to me can refer to large areas of land.   When the western United States were being settled,   areas much larger than states were referred to as territories.   And in franchising or sales,  the word territory is often used to define where one person or business is allowed to sell,  exclusive of competition from other franchisees or salesmen.    Back when I had a good job in Bellevue I used to sometimes order clothing from The Territory Ahead.   Somewhere I have a pair of gray twill pants from them that I really, really liked.    These days,  I don’t buy pricey mail order clothing anymore.  And finally today,   my thanks to my friend Wayne Hurlbert who suggested today’s words.



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