Vehement Aquamarine Indulgence

Okay.   I can accept that a fruitcake which has been soaked in brandy for two months may qualify as an indulgence.  Yet I was most surprised when my image search for these terms led me to reading syllabub’s eloquent musings on the fruit cake.   It really was noteworthy how wonderful he made fruitcake sound.  After all fruitcake is a famously inedible holiday delicacy.   There is even one town that has contests each year to see how far contestants can hurl hunks of fruitcake using catapults and such.   Jokes and stories about inedible fruit cakes being endlessly passed around as gifts abound.    Though I have to confess that I actually love holiday fruit cake,  and try to enjoy some every year.

I myself feel little or no vehemence regarding fruitcake.   Unlike perhaps the folks who hurl the fruitcakes great distances.   Although one wonders if the hurled fruitcakes are then eaten or if they are discarded like trash.    Given how expensive most fruits and nuts that go into a fruitcake are,  it seems a particularly appalling indulgence if they throw away the cake after they throw it.   Honestly,  I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a cake that was nearly bad enough to warrant throwing.   Though perhaps I’ve merely been blessed by access to good bakers.   I remember my mother used to make fruit cake when I was little.  She used a lot of fruit,  a lot of nuts,  very little flour and a fair number of eggs.   The fruitcakes had to bake on low,  like 200 or 250 for five or six hours.   They were so good.

I can’t really think of a darned thing to say about aquamarine.   It feels like a bit of a cheat that I am again today using the background image to display the color word.    That sort of feels like cheating,  but I am going to let it go.   I note that this post is going out well before the 4pm deadline and is dated exactly one day after the last post.    As we enter the last six weeks of the year I am trying once again to buckle down and crank out the daily posts.    Knowing that in just six weeks,  the post every day marathon will finally be over.   And I suspect that I will never again make so rash a public vow.   And finally today,  my sincerest thanks to my friend Charles Slang who suggested today’s words.


21 comments on “Vehement Aquamarine Indulgence

  1. indeed , fruitcakes is one of the cakes that I do indulge in during festivals ( by the way is not too far away) Sometimes when the fruitcake is soaked longer and I consume it I might turn into one myself (lol..maybe Crackpot) all said an d done, I do enjoy reading from your blog, thank you for sharing and Enjoy the up coming holidays

  2. Corsicana is the home to the Collin Street Bakery where tons of fruitcakes are made. The whole town smells great this time of year with the scent of baking. Folks who don’t know that get really confused.

  3. LOL…how do you manage to bounce around so much in a post and still make it interesting.

    I too, happen to enjoy a good fruit cake and still don’t get all of the jokes. I even make sure to give one to my mother in law every year 🙂

  4. I am still looking for a good fruitcake, something that’s moist, for example? Never have resorted to throwing bad ones though. Sounds like something vaguely freudian.

  5. While I am not one who likes fruitcake, I acknowledge the work, care and expenditure that goes into their ultimate creation. Since those who dislike the fruitcake seem to outnumber, or at least out voice those who do, it seems a tragedy that this dessert is not more appreciated. That said, I will continue my long held tradition and practice of not eating any fruitcake.

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