Garnet Vendage Autumnal

Garnet is a color,  a deep and vivid shade of red.   It is also a gem stone,  though I’m honestly unsure if gem appears the same color as the color.   It seems to be such a strange thing to think about as autumn gives way to winter here in the Northwest.   Today was gray and rainy and very winter blah.     I did venture to the library where I picked up a copy of Brian D McLaren’s Why Did Jesus, Moses,  the Buddah and Mohammed Cross the Road?  I can’t remember the last time I checked out an actual paper book from the library.    It strikes me how very quickly I’ve become accustomed to having an eReader.

Vendage can mean simply a harvest of grapes.  Although a web site called  unwords  defines vendage as “The age, usually unknown, of over-processed food items found in common vending machines.”   Which it seems to me is just the sort of word to scare you off that package of vending machine doughnuts.   The word vendage is also associated with rat terriers (a breed of dog) although it remains unclear to me how this word association came about or what it is supposed to imply.   As my year of blogging every day finally seems to be drawing towards its close (or at least into its late autumnal days),  I find myself looking forward to next year,  when I am thinking I will only blog twice a week and hopefully draw more readers to fewer posts.

I had to block an 800 shareholder today.    It definitely knocked my share price down and I kind of hated to do it.   But if they take my eaves and don’t comment on the blog,   I’ve decided I really am better off without them.    I just really hate how angry it makes me (when people steal the eaves), and I know in my heart that what I need to do the most is just not get that angry.    I slipped up and let a second November day slip by without a post from me,  which I do feel a bit bad about.    On the other hand,  I really do know that I can only do what I can do.   I think there is little sense in beating myself up just because some goal proved to be beyond me.    And finally today,  my thanks to Bevan who suggested today’s words.


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