Aura Cookie Hoosier

As lately most always seems to be the case it is just amazing the food that turns up on an image search for aura cookie hoosier.     I saw no photographs of auras or cookies,  though I suppose that many of them might have been residents of Indiana and thus actual Hoosiers.    That this very striking fried green Bacon Lettuce Tomato sandwich,  which appears on a blog about Italian wine,  in an entry about a week spent in the “flyover” of Indianapolis was on the third or fourth page of results has an aura of serendipity to it.   Or so it seems to me.

It was not cookies but pies that I became known for,  for a while.   I would often post a pie picture to someone else’s Facebook wall and leave it with a cheery message.    It’s a great way to get Likes from lots of your friend’s friends assuming they like the picture.   But honestly,  after awhile I was tired of being known as the pie guy,  so I have mostly abandoned pie pictures.    And doing the image search for each day’s words has been great,   precisely because it does so often connect me to to great blogs whose content I can feel pleased to link to.

I have received my new tablet–an  ematic Genesis tab.     The plastic screen is definitely the cheaper kind,   unlike the capacative glass screen on the tablet that died on me.   I gave it to Rick and he somehow managed to get it charged up.    I told him I didn’t need any files off of it.   All of my ebooks are on the Amazon and Smashwords servers.    Indeed it was trivially easy to download a Kindle app,  sign into Amazon and every ebook I’ve ever read is right there in My Library,  and it’s just a click to download any of the books I own.     Total time to change to a new ereader device.   A minute or two.      While the screen is much worse than my old one,   the unit itself seems to be more powerful and more stable and the ice cream sandwich functions rather better than what I had on the Cruz tablet.

I can play Angry Birds,  although the tough screen makes it a bit harder to be accurate.   I was also pleased that I can easily hear and listen to music through this device,  which I discovered by playing a sample song that was pre-installed.    I wasn’t able to get Pandora to install and also ran into trouble trying to play a video from You Tube.    There’s a pre-installed music service installed but it requires a credit card to install and I’m certain I can’t afford a 19.99/month fee after my trial so it remains to be seen if and how I will actually be able to listen to music on it.    And,  I bought a copy of Susan Wells Bennett’s  New Life,  which is the fourth and latest installment of her wonderful Brass Monkeys series.   And I have very comfortably read almost the entire novel already and whatever else it can do,  this ematic Genesis is definitely a functional eReader.

And finally today,   thanks to my friend David Forbes  who suggested these three words.



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