Sneakers Venison Chicago

Sometimes,  the image is revelatory.    I confess that on this second day after Tuesday’s big election,   I happened upon these three words that my friend Mika Douglas suggested and I thought about doing a piece about a herd of deer,  sneaking back into Chicago now that the Obamas are back in Washington and most of the journalists moved on.     It was, frankly,  not much of an idea.   But some days you have to just go with what you have,  so I dutifully plugged those three terms into an image search.   Which is how it is that I happened upon The Pete Is On,  a striking blog that features lots and lots of photographs that illustrate most of the steps of often very ambitious recipes.    Given the venison in my search terms,  there is no doubt a venison recipe.    But I became so taken by this post about making crawfish corn pizza  (by cleaning out his cabinets no less) that I never did find whatever venison lurked in those pages.   The crawfish and fresh corn that he simmered in garlic butter and white wine seemed to me utterly ambrosial.

I don’t grill.    I don’t own a grill or barbecue set of any kind and if it doesn’t cook on my stove or in my microwave,  I don’t cook it.    Which is probably the main big reason that I am not any kind of fan of grilled pizza.    While I suppose Pete’s post clearly shows how fresh grilled pizza dough can serve well as the base for that scrumptious crawfish concoction,  honestly I would have been much more likely to have tossed it with pasta and called it a fantastic meal.   I found myself book marking Pete’s blog and look forward to returning again to see what other foods he gets up to cooking.

I still own a number of pairs of Converse high tops,  though honestly I haven’t worn them in years and am not very likely to wear them again.    I know some folks are preternaturally fond of this particular form of foot wear,  but eventually I found it impossible to keep the darned shoe’s tongue from getting jammed over to one side or the other,  and those old sneakers are just not as comfortable on my feet as my old clogs  (which everyone tells me look like dyke shoes),  which I continue to wear.   With my truly impeccable sense of timing,  now that the election is finally over I have been posting again on my long neglected politics blog.    If you’d like to read Left Of California,   my reflections on the election just passed,  I would welcome you to do so  🙂   You might also want to check out my profile on BrooWaha to see some of my other articles.


12 comments on “Sneakers Venison Chicago

  1. the picture looks unbelievably appetizing and all of a sudden i’m very hungry. by the way, great use of imagery in your post!

  2. Venison is a meat I haven’t eaten for rather a long time. I rather suspect you can’t get it here…. However I am now inspired to eat it next time I find myself back in the UK.

    Crayfish you can get here and relatively easily. Have to say I love it and this pizza idea sounds scrumptious!

    I am gonna have to check out your buddy Pete’s food blog and get some ideas.

    • I don’t really care for venison, to tell you the truth. It just seems too gamy to me. As it happens I have a pound of peeled crawfish tails in the freezer at the moment. I guess I’m going to have to make something with that 🙂

  3. This is really funny; because I notice that the way the words reverberate is much about place. Here in Houston, the Texans are headed to Chicago to play the bears. The cooler temperatures have everyone I know excited about going deer hunting and bringing home venison. The sneakers are all about playing outside…just about anything you want in the spectacular weather.

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