Bedlam Britain Boondoggle

Sometimes,  one song just seems to suggest another.    Which is how it is that I sit here listening to this very different and equally iconic Cat Stevens song and contemplating an election day where nearly everything was decided as I might have wished,  and more or less exactly as I voted.    Forgive me if I am not feeling some sort of elation that a majority of my fellow citizens mostly saw things my way this time.   Little about the dysfunctional political dynamic that has plagued the US federal government over the past years has been in any way addressed,   and I am hardly excited about more of the same government that seems less and less capable of handling the People’s business.      /sighs profoundly

One of the things I so much enjoy about most of my friends from Britain is that they never seem to want to talk about politics,  neither their own nor our American politics.     I can’t say I actually follow British politics,  although I certainly recall having been aware of Mrs. Thatcher and more recently Mr. Blair.    I’m afraid I can’t actually recall offhand who the current British prime minister is.    I have to admit that I really don’t know all that much about Great Britain.

It saddens me to think that within hours at most,  the government in Washington will resume work on the impending fiscal cliff,   which a number of folks have suggested we might actually be better off just jumping from.    Though that hardly seems an ideal maneuver,  particularly given that there will be no change in the balance of power when the next Congress commences in January.   Whatever bedlam and boondoggles they are going to legislate,  I fear we will see them sooner rather than later.   My thanks to Mika Douglas,  who suggested today’s words that I did not really use that well.

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One comment on “Bedlam Britain Boondoggle

  1. I am loving the Cat Stevens songs you have reminded me of on your blog!

    Bedlam I believe is an abbreviation of Bethlehem, and became associated with lunacy because of a loony bin in London.

    Needless to say Bedlam is to my mind particularly appropriate when talking about Politicians!

    Britain’s Prime Minister is currently David Cameron.

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