Cat Moon Shadow

Perhaps it shows me to be of a certain age.     But I have to admit that the first thing that came to mind on seeing today’s three words is of course Cat Stevens’  immortal song Moon Shadow. To me this song,  by this artist is as perfect a take on these three words as any I could ever hope to produce.   And yet,  here I am trying.

It does seem to me,   that while NaNoWriMo  may help me to improve my final score   (the last I checked I had blogged on 78.6% of the days in 2012.   I am hoping to raise that into the mid-eighty percents by the end of the year,   just because I will be more comfortable having achieved a solid B in my goal.   Even though one of the biggest lessons I will take away from the ‘blog every day in 2012′  experiment is that publishing a new post every day is not in most bloggers’ best interest.     While it is possible that you will build a fan base that is both large enough and insatiable enough to follow your daily posts,   in most cases you will end up with more readers, more visibility and more impact by publishing less frequently than once a day.

I also think that a collaborative blog could be really successful.    Three or four bloggers alternating days might be able to create a very compelling site,  although it could be very stressful I think,  if the collaborators had different priorities and different levels of commitment to the project.    Part of me thinks that it is just ‘negative thinking’  to speculate about such problems….when I am speaking only theoretically and am not in fact planning any collaborative project as I describe.   (The part of me that has been dealing with people online for years knows how difficult it can be to bet a hobbyist writer to meet any deadline,  and one that recurred once or twice each week…..well let’s just say that there are a lot of folks out there who would never keep up with that level of commitment,  however enthusiastically they might embrace it going in.   In my own personal experience, collaborating on a blog was much better in theory than in practice.

I do seem to be in a mood to write more.    I published a second piece in just a few days on my largely ignored politics blog.    I also re-published that new piece on Broowaha,   a citizen journalism newspaper that I sometimes contribute to.    I don’t ever expect that I will be a top  contributor on Broowaha,   but in most cases the pieces I publish there get a great many more page views than I am mostly ever able to achieve on this blog.    And one nice thing about that site is that I have inserted my own AdSense code and I do receive paid AdSense page views  and rewards for ad clicks on those pieces.   I’ve mentioned before that I am just one of zillions of web publishers who worked for years before ever realizing that what I was doing would probably never accumulate the 100 dollars in earnings Google requires you to accrue before they will deign to cut a check.      But if your articles can fit into any of the newspaper’s categories,   it is not a bad place to seed some articles and earn a few pennies for your work.

And finally today,  my thanks to Kamal Bennani  who suggested today’s words.


27 comments on “Cat Moon Shadow

  1. Love Moonshadow! What a classic song.

    It sounds like you have done very well with your blogging commitment. It is hard to collaborate on a hobbyist blog… tough to make those deadlines once real life intrudes. But depends a lot of the people.

    • I once did a collaborative blog and it was not the greatest experience for me. I did (and DO) remain friends with the other blogger and the truth really is that we both lost interest in the blog as we got more and more wrapped up in other projects. I know all about starting a blog with all kinds of great intentions only to find that it’s not what you really want to do at all and by the time the domain name comes up for a one year renewal, you don’t even bother. It’s only really a problem if one person finds their aspirations stifled by a less than ideal partner. And it seems to me that finding another writer you’d be ideal sharing a blog with……is probably a great deal more difficult a search than finding someone you merely want to marry and share the rest of your life with 🙂

  2. I am listening to CNN’s election coverage in the background; so cats & moons & shadow somehow seem appropriate. As the moon rises tonight a candidate will emerge from the shadow as the victor and the cat will be out of the bag about who wins the election!

  3. Great post and as a fellow blogger I understand the difficulty of writing every day. I think it is easier if you (we) have a passion for our topic whether it be politics or as in my case carrer advice. The money side of course is only going to be reasonable for a few really outstanding bloggers. Blogging of course is a small way to to leave a little of us out there long after we have gone… as I like to call it… “A Small Footprint on Eternity”. Ric-orglearn

  4. Right with you – I thought of Cat Stevens. I have plans to begin a blog but want to be able to devote the time necessary to do a good job. My career keeps me more that busy leaving at 6am and returning at 6 or 7 pm.

    On a separate note – time to head out and get a pulled pork sandwich. Great background.

    • If you are pressed for time you might plan on, say, a weekly schedule and work on the site until you have, say, ten posts published and then introduce it and try to keep it up each week. Starting a blog is very, very easy. Keeping it up is the hard part 🙂

  5. i agree with sometimes too much, isn’t the best when it comes to blogging. people who read blogs like being up to date, but it’s difficult to read a blog every day for some. i am sure it would be easier to be a loyal follower, if it was 3 or 4 times a week on certain/consistent days.

    • Dmitrios, I am pretty sure that next year I am going to try initially an announced schedule of Tuesdays and Saturdays and try real hard to stick with it. It will be interesting to see if,, as I suspect, having three days to promote each post and build up bigger discussions will allow me to draw more readers and more interaction.

    • It really is a boatload of work to keep up with a blog. And if it’s not something you passionately want to do, I don’t recommend it. IMHO, it is perfectly possible to do great at social networking and marketing without a single blog to your name.

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    • Tom, thank you so much for being one of my most loyal readers. It seems as though you always show up when I publish a post, even if don’t promote it. I really, really appreciate it Tom.

  7. Oddly I thought of Mike Oldfield for the song Moon Shadow… although the word cat in the title did make me wonder whether Cat Stevens sung it.

    Now I am going to have to find the song and play it to my cat…. Hope he likes it!

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