The Day The Tablet Died

April til November.    That’s how long my 100 dollar Curz Velocity Android tablet lasted.     About a week ago,  it seemed to lose it’s ability to take a battery charge through the 110 volt cord to the electric outlet.    However when I plugged it into my laptop it did take a charge from the lappy.    While re-charging through USB was very slow,  it did get up many times to 80 or 90 %   and I could take my eBook to the bathroom or bedroom and it was all good.    But then yesterday it stopped taking a charge from either of its cords.    And then finally it completely ran out of juice.   and though I still have it plugged in to the lappy,  it will not come on.      I am sorry to say that I have decided that the tablet is dead.   And must be replaced.

So somewhere online Ron found a tablet that sounds like it has decent specs and claims to be running Ice Cream Sandwich  (which is android 4.x  I _think_).    And I wonder frankly if it will have any more power than the (disposable it seems) 100 dollar Cruz,  which was great for eReading but mostly lacked the power to do most of the other things I might have wanted to do with my tablet.    I also find myself thinking that at 59 dollars,  I would feel even less bad than I do at the moment,  if I only got about 7 months of use out of it.     The part of me that is constantly hearing phone users talk about all the amazing things their droid can do,  is very tempted to try the 59 dollar tablet,  which Ron tells me I could afford to order now.   And have it here sometime later this week.

Or,  if I want I can replace it with Amazon’s latest Kindle Fire,  which sells for 159.   But if I need to spend the extra hundred bucks,   it will have to wait until next month.    So I can either buy a cheaper cheap tablet to check it out and see what it can do,  and hopefully have a working eReader  (I read from my eReader pretty much All The Time).     Or wait and spend a bunch more money and try instead Amazon’s severely tweaked version,  to see if it proves to be a better tablet solution.    The fact is,  I read most of the eBooks that I read in Kindle editions,  whether obtained free directly from Amazon– I follow a Facebook page that let’s you know what’s free NOW.     It’s frequently updated and I really do get a lot of free books.    It is also very easy to borrow books from my local public library and get them right into my Kindle app.    But even though I really tried to appreciate other eReading options,  the fact that the Kindle (on my droid)  really suited me,  makes me really wonder why I would want to pay 100 more,   and go a month without my eReader  to get more locked into Amazon,   which I’ve at times criticized for being a bit of a monopolist.     The fact is the Kindle eReader on most any platform or device is the best eReading experience currently available.

If I were more social or more committed to blog promotion,   I would put a poll here and ask you,  my dear readers,   to suggest whether I should go for the cheap tablet NOW or wait a month to buy a much more expensive one from the scary Amazonians.     But honestly,   I don’t think I can bear to be a month without an eReader.   So I will almost certainly ask Ron to go ahead and order my ice cream sandwich.   Real soon now.


2 comments on “The Day The Tablet Died

  1. Hi Alan, I think you should get the better tablet and the relative peace of mind that comes with it … idid the dead tablet come with a year warranty? I think toy should at least get your money back 🙂

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