A Sunday Morning Reflection

I have not belonged to a church since I was in high school.    I long ago decided that I did not subscribe to any particular branch of Christianity.    Although I believe with all of my heart that I have a good relationship with God and with Jesus.   Today my friend Laura put up a post that reminded me that God is not somewhere up in the heavens.    God lives in each and everyone of us.     I was reminded of the lyrics  In Remembrance Of Me,   particularly the passage  “in remembrance of me,  don’t look above,  but in your heart.  Look in your heart for God”.

It was rather like a cascading series of memories.    I found myself wanting to once again hear that old anthem,  which once upon a time I sang rather often as part of the youth choir at my local United Methodist Church.     Naturally it took only seconds to find the song on You Tube and I sat here in my living room,  at my computer and was transported to a long ago time when I often felt the power of God’s love in beautiful music.    Looking up the one song,  reminded me that In Remembrance was just one of the anthems in an Easter musical called Celebrate Life,  which my church choir performed many, many times.   On You Tube I could even see the old gold colored song books.    I listened to not only In Remembrance but several of the other anthems from Celebrate Life.

It was a lovely meditation that allowed me to reflect on how far I have come spiritually since those long ago days in the youth choir.    I know that I have been so blessed throughout my life by God’s love and grace.   I feel God’s love every day in the love I share with my family and friends.    I’ve found that I don’t in fact need priests or pastors,  nor sanctuaries or congregations to know God’s love and caring.   Because I know that God lives in our human hearts.   And God IS love.    I very rarely talk in public about my spiritual beliefs.    And I certainly don’t  plan to make a habit of it in this space.   But just for today,  it is my prayer that you my friends will also know and live God’s abundant love through the precious people he sends into your life to love and care for you.

Part of me feels rather silly blabbing on about Easter music in the fall as we move towards Advent and Christmas.   And yet most of me feels so blessed by all of the love that is around me,  that I can’t quite help but post this humble bit of praise.   Here’s hoping that God’s love and light is shining brightly in your world today as well.


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