Chimichanga Tunnel Rapture

Mexican food confuses me at times.    I think of a taco as a crisp shelled tortilla filled with ground meat.    Though often one sees soft tortillas with premium steak going around calling themselves tacos.   I had kind of thought that chimichangas were a deep fried sort of thing,  rather than as in the image here what I would call a smothered burrito.    Although the blog You Care What We Think seemed to identify this as a chimichanga from El Charro restaurant in Tucson.

Today, I certainly feel I can relate to the word tunnel.   I feel a bit like someone digging miles underground,  trying vainly to ignore all of the political nonsense and just escape from the world for a little while.  (That I nonetheless want so much to write and publish this post seems so strange,   and yet this little blog is one of the few places I can feel safely removed.    The vice presidential debate got both my Twitter and Facebook streams going an I just so don’t want to talk about politics.   The first Tuesday in November can’t come soon enough for me.

I am aware of course that ‘the rapture’  is a term in Christianity referring to the belief that when Christ returns to the earth the righteous will be taken up to heaven without first dying.   Surely you’ve seen one of those pictures that show people plucked from their desks, their cars, their beds floating up in to the sky.    However the word rapture really just means a state of ecstasy.    And when I stop to think about it,  I realize I have at times in my life experienced a bit of rapturous ecstasy.  (That sounds like a line from bad porn,  but….)     It seems to me that ecstasy is something which one can only experience by serendipity.   You simply can not plan for it or go after it.   It is a kind of grace which you can only happen upon.   And yet today,  I find myself setting out for what my well prove to be only the umpteenth usual evening,  even though in some small part of my heart I am hoping for just a touch of rapture.    My thanks to Dan Tulloh who suggested today’s words.


20 comments on “Chimichanga Tunnel Rapture

  1. Wow, this post leaves me speechless. It could be because my husband is blasting away a Rachal Maddow show that has me well distracted. So I empathize with your comments on election traffic. Although, this is probably the most important election in a long time, my sensibility comes in the shape of “if Romney get’s elected, the world needs not only a slap in the face, but a kick in the pants”. I believe that life will be over as we know it. So much so, I would welcome the rapture.
    Now Chimi’s, this I could get my lips around. Peace

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  3. Perhaps living in Houston warps my perspective, but I am confident that the right Mexican food can rescue you from tunnels and induce rapture. We have such a range of offerings from tacquerias where you can fill up for a few bucks to fine dining establishments where you can spend over $100 for a meal. Not much in common except that they both call themselves Mexican Food.

  4. Mexican food is a favorite and there is seemingly many ways to prepare the same dish, depending on the restaurant. My Latino friends tell me our establishments have Americanized Mexican food and many offerings would not be found on a menu in Mexico.

  5. I really must learn to read more s-l-o-w-l-y, I thought it was ‘rupture’, not ‘rapture’, quite a different picture of the cuisine you describe – but possibly just as accurate for those whose tastes- or ageing digestions – do not run to chili con carne. Or is that chilli? I know it is not Chile, which you sometimes see on English menus (well, alright, not in very sophisticated places).. I know little about tunnels except the old chestnut about the light you see at the end of them being in reality a sign of an oncoming express train.

  6. Thanks for featuring my words. Yes, the Chimichanga to me is a fried Burrito. Although I believe it also to be smothered occasionally (but still fried). I’m also very tired of all this presidential and debate nonsense, it’s blowing up my feeds, my emails and to what end? We are asked to throw all this money at whichever candidate we want to win? What’s the point in that? Is it all just about money? I’d take a rapture from all this too.

  7. I love Mexican food! Especially authentic Mexican food while visiting Mexico!
    The photo along with the article looks delectable!

  8. Oh my…Mexican food, which is plentiful here in Phoenix, politics and rapture…what a great combo! Well, as your friendly, neighborhood Conservative/Catholic,let me just say I’m happy to have a chimi with ya after the election and we can watch the waiters disappear 🙂

  9. I agree on chimi’s being fried burritos… so if you were “left behind” you might be walking through the passage between the kitchen and the dining area in a mexican restaurant and find one that was dropped by the waitress who was raptured 🙂

    Good post, Alan, thanks!

    • Perhaps. I really am a whiz at cooking the Cajun and Creole dishes I grew up on in New Orleans. I feel as though I never have the right spices on hand to cook Mexican at home.

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