Run Jump Sleep

So Ron and I both had a craving.    We ran over to Safeway and got a couple of huge eggplants,  some zucchini and yellow squash,  a red and a yellow bell pepper and some fresh mushrooms.    We chopped them up along with a couple of onions and some cubed ham and it is in the oven roasting for an hour and 15 minutes at 400.     The roasting veggies smelled wonderful,  and the dish was as always delicious.

I certainly can’t say that I jumped to finish this post promptly.    This compose window has been open for going on twelve hours now,  and I seem to be making only small sporadic progress in finding any words at all to fill this space.   I have at this point been awake quite long enough to expect to feel sleepy.   But I don’t.     I laid down around 11pm or midnight and read for an hour or so,  then turned off the light and tried to go to sleep.   By two a.m.  I had given up on sleep and got back up.   But while I’m just not sleepy,  I am quite tired.   Too tired, really,  to be able to write much of anything.   Eventually I will take my seroquel and other ‘night’ pills and get myself off to sleep.   Even if it is late morning or early afternoon before I get around to it.

Using that last phrase reminded me of a long ago product that my late Aunt Julia and I got a real kick out of.   It was a small stone purchased I believe from Spencer Gifts,  which was perfectly round and inscribed with the word TUIT.    The perfect gift for the procrastinator who never seems to get around to things he or she is supposed to do.     A bit of perfunctory Googling did not turn up that long ago and until very recently quite forgotten novelty,   although there is a firm in the UK that offers a variety of TUIT doubloons and medallions as well as (of course) TUIT t-shirts and coffee mugs.    Because I am so not trying to make money with the blog,  that is a non-affiliate link.    I receive nothing at all should you go and buy yourself a round TUIT.    And I will not be responsible should you continue to procrastinate once you own it.

And finally today,   my thanks to Dan Murray who suggested today’s words.



25 comments on “Run Jump Sleep

  1. Sounds wonderful! I must try that one. But I can never be sure if you are just writing, or if you actually do these things. 🙂 Did you actually make this dish?

  2. Often times, a nice long midday walk will help you rest well at night. Other physical activities will complement those roasted vegetables too. I love the scent as they are roasting.

    • I do need to walk more. Now that we are getting into the rainy season I should try to get back to going to stores several times a week, not to shop but to walk up and down the aisles for exercise.

  3. Run – like the hours do on my day pfffff so many things to do… Jump – like my daughters do in the flat with their endless energy… Sleep – is the final reward before it starts all over again lol cheers Alan 🙂

  4. Run, jump, no-sleep for me. I never procrastinate tossing and turning in bed, I just get up and start doing stuff. Maybe I’ll run or do some jumping jacks. Work hard to player harder then rest well. That’s my cycle.

  5. If it’s October, it’s time for ratatouille, according to my European clock. Yours sounds an excellent local variation…I do so sympathise about going to be at 11, only to be wide awake again at 2.00. I wouldn’t mind only I feel too wide awake to sleep at two am, just not wide awake enough to do any useful work…Maybe I’m not running and jumping enough!

    • Is what we made ratatouille? For some reason I thought that ratatouille had tomatoes in it, which our simple roast veggie dish did not. I have been up for about 40 hours as I type this reply, and unsure whether I will go to bed or go visit a friend.

  6. Well I find that if I run & jump enough, I don’t have much trouble getting to sleep. On the times that I am restless, I do find a bit…or a bottle of wine to do the trick for me. The always on cycle of the So Me stuff though is causing me yawning through the day. Perhaps I need to upgrade my wine to whisky!

    • Sometimes my seroquels really put me to sleep, but other times I stay up and don’t take them 🙂 My spouse finds benadryl very effective for sleep but it does not work for me at all 😦

    • I know that it can be hard to find enough hours in the day to do all of the things one is expected to do, particularly for those with demanding career or family obligations. I’m retired and pretty much all I do is write this blog. I try real hard not to worry about time and getting things done.

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