Banana Chicken Breasts

Part of me feels just a little guilty about having a third banana post in such a brief interval,  but these are the three words,  suggested by my friend Rex Jarvis that came up for today.    I frankly wasn’t surprised that I found a recipe (and image) for banana chicken curry with rice and lettuce with tahini sauce.    To tell you the truth,  the instructions– to chop up a banana and combine it with a spoon of mustard, a spoon of curry powder and some brown sugar,   then stuff this mixture into a split chicken breast and roast it– don’t much appeal to me.   Though to be fair I can see how the recipe might appeal to others.

It is unfortunate in some respects to use three words that lead so clearly and directly to a recipe.   There really isn’t much more to say about banana chicken breasts.  I suppose if I were more imaginative I could write about some odd species of chicken that has banana shaped breasts,  but without an image I can’t imagine getting lots of folks all het up about that idea.

I’ve been processing all of the great feedback I got last week on my post about ‘is Empire Avenue ‘real life’ or is it ‘just a game’?‘    I was frankly thrilled with all of the excellent comments I received,  and most every comment gave me much to think about.    And I have realized that as frustrating as mission cheaters are,  the best course really is to quietly block people who take your eaves and don’t do what you asked them to in your mission.    I think that taking complaints about Empire Avenue cheating to places beyond Empire Avenue is simply the wrong focus.   For me the big pay off from my efforts in blogging and social media are the good friends and new acquaintances I’m so fortunate to continue meeting.     I believe that I will be best served by continuing to seek out and develop these relationships,  rather than focusing valuable time and energy on people whose ethics make them not people I’d care to associate with.


34 comments on “Banana Chicken Breasts

  1. Not something I would pick off a menu. I don’t know if its the combination of flavors or the consistency of what I think the outcome mixture might be, but this is a show stopper. Now peanut butter on prune bread, and I’m all in.

  2. I don’t want to put you off your supper, so I am going to try to choose my words carefully. If you are thinking of going for cosmetic surgery for breast enlargements this is greeted enthusiastically by plastic surgeons who specialise in this. The alternative, sorry to tell you, is called chicken fillet breasts. Sorry to have given you this image – try and think of them as bananas instead and it might make you smile!

    • Laura, I am so genuinely thankful that I can’t even envision the chicken filet breats– I can hardly tell you. Thanks so much for being a regular visitor and commentator.

  3. I admit to a bit of trepidation about the image you might have found with today’s words. Glad you came up with a spicy dish; rather than a ‘spicy dish!’

    Now I notice Laura’s post in much the same vein…not sure what that says about us.

  4. The recipe sounds pretty good to me. I think you’re coming around to where I am on cheats, though I mostly don’t bother to block either. Love your thoughful approach to issues, Alan. Have a great day.

    • To tell you the truth most of the time I don’t bother to block either. But every now and then….particularly if I’ve offered 10K, I do look through who took the mission and take the time to block folks who took the eaves but didn’t leave a comment.

    • Thanks for sharing your opinion. I really appreciate that, though I have decided that for myself, a blog that identifies EAv mission cheats is just not where I want to go 🙂

  5. Fully agree with your 3rd paragraph Alan. Also in order to limit the “mission cheaters” volume and costs, we can set-up “barriers” like being shareholders etc… but is also has extra costs from EA extra fees lol so I ended up trying to figure out what would cost more… the cheaters or the extra EA fees… and does it worth the head-ache and time to calculate lol thanks for the fun post 😀

    • Dom, as far as I can tell EAv is NOT charging extra to limit a mission to Shareholders rather than selecting everyone. It appears to me the additional charge apply only if you make a selection in one of the four criteria fields. I definitely don’t feel any guilt about blocking mission cheaters. And I am thinking that the head ache and time question has to be resolved on a case by case basis.

      • Sorry I was not clear – Yes EAv is not charging extra if you don’t select a min. amount of eaves – but people can become shareholders with 1 only eave… and take the money and run lol What I meant is this: let’s say that you would find logical that your shareholders holding 100 (for example) shares are more trustable and less likely to take the money and run… if you now set the mission with 100 shares min hold as prerequesite, EA will charge you extra fees… so my question: will the extra fees cost be more or be less than the amount lost by the mission cheaters if we had not set-up the 100 shares min requirements (and that new 1 share investors would have gone and take the money and run) ? for sure the more cheaters we quietly block, the less likely the number to be high anyway… hope this is clearer 🙂

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