Creole Quarter Congregation

I’m honestly unsure just what it is that is pictured in today’s image of an unspecified plate of food from a restaurant in Malaysia.   It certainly doesn’t look anything like the Creole foods I was familiar with growing up in New Orleans.    I know that “Creole” peoples are usually regarded as being of Spanish heritage in Haiti or of French heritage in Louisiana.   Still the word remains fuzzy to me.   By comparison Cajun (which I sometimes think of as Louisiana’s other food heritage) seems fairly easy to nail down.  (Cajuns came to Louisiana from Quebec.)

While it would be tempting to me to take the word quarter and do a paragraph here about New Orleans’ iconic French Quarter neighborhood,  the quarter that is actually more on my mind as I type this is the final quarter of the year 2012 which has just begun.   I am enough of a gamer about this blog every day in 2012 thing to want to do better in this last quarter,  a strong finish to bring up the final score into the territory of a very solid B,  possibly with shades of B+ or even A-.

It has been a long, long time since I was part of any congregation in a church.    I suppose that attending classes (like in a college) or meetings like for a job might also constitute congregations of a sort.    But what I mostly think of as congregations involving me these days are when my blog posts attract a whole bunch of great comments.   It’s pretentious of me, I know,  but I do think of my blog on those days when I have so many great comments as being a bit like a salon,  where great minds come to discuss great ideas.   It really is a great time to be alive,  and to write and to be involved in social media.     And finally today,  my sincerest thanks to Doug Wolfgram, who suggested today’s words.


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